25 Best Pet Instagrams to Follow Right Now!

25 Best Pet Instagrams to Follow Right Now!

Non-human companions are simply great. And pets are the most likely to fill that spot in our lives. In this Instagramming era, there is much more to follow and too many ordinary accounts to follow. To make sure you enjoy your Petstagramming, I’ve put together all the follow-worthy Pet Instagram accounts for you.

I’ve already made posts about best dog Instagram accounts and best cat Instagram accounts. So why this post? Pets are not just limited to dogs and cats, right? So in this listing, I’ve included all the renowned and adorable pets from across the world.

25 Best Pet Instagrams of 2023

Here you go. Enter the 25 Best Pet Instagram Accounts guide os Pet Loves Best.

1. Pumpkin The Raccoon (@pumpkintheraccoon)


It is very rare that you will see raccoons and dogs together. But if you really want to see them together, check out this Instagram feed. Pumpkin, the raccoon is a part of Laura Young’s family.

It was rescued by Laura Young and her mother in October 2014.

A month later, Pumpkin moved in with Laura and her husband and since then, it has been a part of their family which also include two dogs named Toffee and Oreo. The mainstream of the page is Pumpkin, her friends Oreo and Toffee and the bond between them. You will be overwhelmed to see the love they share.

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2. Mr. Pokee the hedgehog (@mr.pokee)


“Hedgehogs aren’t easy to care for”, says Litha, yet she takes very good care of Mr. Pokee.

Mr. Pokee is a cute little hedgehog, so small that it can fit in your hand. He had become the star of social media since his pictures with his smiling face were posted on Instagram. Litha started this Instagram page with an aim to spread happiness. She felt that her little bundle of joy can become a reason to smile for many people.
Through her posts, she shares her life with Mr. Pokee and the joy he brings to her.

3. J U N I P E R & F I G (@juniperfoxx)

If you tame a fox it will show characteristics alike dogs and cats but in reality, they are not great ‘conventional’ pets.

Now, this can make anyone curious because the feed on their Instagram looks like it is just like another pet. Well, to know how different a fox is, visit their website and learn more about Juniper at www.juniperfoxx.com. The mainstream of this account is Juniper and Fig’s photos and videos indoors. Both are the North American Red Foxes and they live with other rescued exotics.

4. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong (@realdiddykong)


Ever heard about celebrity monkeys? Visit this Instagram page to know about these celebrity monkey friends of Miami, Florida. Gabrielle Katia and her boyfriend started this Instagram page just to share photos and videos with their friends but saw their pet becoming an Insta Star after they posted a video of diddy enjoying a toothbrush bath. Later, they brought a companion for Diddy, another marmoset, whom they named Yeti Kong.

Now, through their page, they share Diddy and Yeti’s life.

5. Prissy and Pop (@prissy_pig)


Priscilla and Poppleton or Prissy and Pop, as they are widely known, are the cutest piggies you will find on Instagram.

While Prissy is a lovely and fashionable female pig, Pop is a very cool male piggie.

Both of them enjoy each other’s company and it would be a treat for your eyes to see their pictures and videos on their Instagram handle managed by their mom Melissa Nicholson.

6. Pet Foolery (@pet_foolery)


“Pet comics for pet lovers” reads the bio. This page is for you if you love pets and love to read comics.

Each post can instantly bring a smile on your face. So, if you are feeling dejected right now, just open this page and see how the comics switch your mood on.

7. Jill the Squirrel (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel)

Meet Jill, the tiny squirrel from Louisiana, was rescued by its owner in the Hurricane Issac in 2012. Since then she has been living with their family and has become a permanent family member.

Through her Instagram page, you can get glimpses of her daily life and I bet, you would not be able to prevent yourself from falling in love with her.

8. Goats of Anarchy (@goatsofanarchy)


Leanne Lauricella started a rescue farm and thus began with the journey of Goats of Anarchy. The page features special-needs goats which are rescued by Leanne and brought to her farm where they receive special care and thus are able to lead a happy life. Going through the posts, you will definitely be touched by these lovely animals and how they are being taken care of.

9. Esther the wonder pig (@estherthewonderpig)

Esther, a 650 pounds pig is one of the members of Steve Jenkins’ family.

He adopted her in 2012. She is a smart pig and draws attention as she simply makes people smile. This adorable pig has a lovely Instagram feed with her, cuddling her owner in some photographs or just lying down and chilling in some others.

10. Hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy)

Hamlet, a female piggy, came to her owner Melanie’s life when she was struggling with depression. Hamlet became her companion and stayed by her side, even on her worst days. Her piggy inspired her and encouraged her to capture Hamlet and share her wonderful life with people.

Thus, started the journey of Hamlet, the piggy. Hamlet today brings joy and happiness to thousands of people and of course her owner, Melanie.

11. Wally the Bunny (@wally_and_molly)

Wally, well known for his big wing-like ears, used to own a statement haircut for which he became so famous on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Wally is no more but his owner Molly continues his Instagram page by posting pictures of her other two bunnies named Otis and Suki. You can see Suki in the post.

Bunny lovers should definitely check out this page to get a glance at these lovely little bunnies.

11. Pets (@pets4all)


If you are an animal lover and love to watch animals and their silly acts or if you are thinking about keeping a pet and are confused about which breed of dog should you adopt; or if you have a sweet moment of you and your pet captured, and want to share the moment with people, then this page is for you.

This page provides a platform to various pet owners to share their pets’ photos and videos and thus becomes a treat to the eyes of so many viewers.

13. Ludwik (@ludwik_guinea_pig)


This pinky little hairless fellow is one of the most adorable Instagram celebrities you will come across. From, a sick skinny pig, Ludwik went on to become a celebrity with the help of his owner Agata Nowacka.

This piggy is a sleepyhead, loves to cuddle his owner and also enjoys his photography sessions.

14. Princess and Enzo (@lifeofmill)


This page will take you through the life of Princess, the rabbit, and Enzo, the German Shepherd, living in Sweden. Lovely Princess and dashing Enzo will surely take your heart.
While Princess would be found giving silly poses, Enzo will be found posing heroically giving major pet goals.

15. Melvin 🐰 Bianca 🐱 (@bunnymelv)


Meet Melvin and Bianca, two of the celebrity bunnies you will find on Instagram. This page maintained by their owner, lets you peek into the life of these tiny bundles of joy. While Melvin, the grey male bunny was born in 2015, Bianca, the blue tort female bunny was born the next year. You will surely be delighted to see the two giving poses and having fun.

16. Atticus + Acorn The Hedgehogs (@atticusthehedgie)

Ever wondered to have hedgehogs as pets? Stephanie did. Stephanie and her sister convinced their parents to bring a hedgehog as a pet. And that’s when Atticus joined their family. Acorn is another hedgehog which joined their family later.

Stephanie is a lifestyle, fashion, and business blogger and Beccy, Acorn’s mommy, is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Science with a concentration in Decision Science. The mainstream of this account is the photos of Atticus and Acorn’s daily life with their parents in their house. Both the hedgies love to read books, love pants and sleep.

17. Bikke&Tod (@bikke_the_chip)

The next on my list are two squirrels, Bikke and Tod.

Bikke and Tod are from Japan

You can’t get enough of them, I bet. Basically, they are cuteness packed in tiny bodies. The mainstream of this Instagram page is their photos and videos depicting their happy life with their humans. Watch the highlights of Bikke and Tod and I am quite sure it would be irresistible for you to hit the follow button.

18. Bunnymama (@bunnymama)


Do you like Bunnies? Rabbits can be great pets. To your surprise, they can be litterbox trained too! Bunnymama is a mother to all 5 bunnies you’ll see on this Instagram page. Well, their mother has decided to stay anonymous. But she runs a website eddyrambo.com along with the Instagram and helps people to learn about proper rabbit care and show how rabbits are no different and similar to other pets. Bunnymama started her IG with Eddy and Rambo. They passed away and living their happy afterlife in heaven.

You will see Moo, Tato, Taffy, Bowie & Ellie on her Instagram

19. Exempel the bunny (@exempelthebunny)

Here is one more Bunny on my list. Exempel is no more on this earth and living his happy life in heaven now. Well, his feed is totally awesome. It is so painful to lose a pet, a soulmate. He was a great bunny and my favorite one on the IG.

Cheers to Exempel. You definitely make it to one of the best Instagram pets. Lots of love.

Check out their Instagram account and you will know why he is my favorite.

20. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla (@chinnybuddy)


Meet Mr. Bagel. He is a chinchilla, a rodent a little larger and robust than a ground squirrel. Mr. Bagel is the advocate of no fur clothing and promotes adoption of pets. The mainstream of this Instagram page is Mr. Bagel’s photos and videos depicting his indoor and outdoor life.

21. Bunny Pigi (@bunnypigi)


Here, meet another bunny named Pigi, a 6-year-old, ball of fur from Siberia. Visit his Instagram page to see all sorts of funny poses that Pigi gives. His pictures and videos are surely going to make you say “awww…. So cute.”

22. Lunia the Holsteiner (@lifewithlunia)


Welcome to the life of a very graceful mare Lunia from California. Her owner Andie Whisler started an equestrian lifestyle blog named “Life with Lunia”, inspired by her adventures with the beautiful mare. Visit the Instagram page to get a glimpse of the life of Lunia.

23. Pickles The Pig (@livingwithpickles)


Meet Pickles, a piggie. Here is one more pig on my list. This Instagram page is about the life with a pig and a dog named Pickles and Dill respectively.

Their mommy Maddie wrote a book on the real story of how another pig Tickles saved the life of Pickles.

The mainstream of this Instagram page is their daily life as the name of page suggests. Don’t miss to see the highlights on their Instagram to know how Tickles saved Pickles’ life and where Tickles is right now.

24. Rojo The Llama (@rojothellama)

Rojo is a Llama.

Llama is a domesticated South American camelid.

To your surprise, llamas can be great pets. Go through their highlights to know about other members of his herd. His parent Lori loves him to be thrived by human love and their companionship. Rojo and other llamas of his herd get dressed up with fancy outfits and travel off their farm. They are basically a therapy llamas and often visits hospitals, senior homes, schools, and rehabilitation communities. You can also invite these llamas as special guests at weddings, birthday parties and other events throughout Portland and Vancouver.

25. Penelope the Hedgehog (@hedgiepenelope)


Here I add another hedgehog to my list. The bio says, “Portland’s sharpest social media star”.
Penelope is a true star. Unfortunately, the little star is blind in one eye. But that does not slow down her stardom. Her Instagram feed will definitely make you fall for her cuteness.

The Endnote

Cheers to all the pets who made to this list. And I hope I have been able to help you to get some good stuff to follow on Instagram. If you know other Instagram pet super stars, let us and other readers know about it in the comment section. Keep Petstagramming.

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