4 investment mantras by Michael J Mauboussin to survive market storms

4 investment mantras by Michael J Mauboussin to survive market storms

How many people are aware of Michael J Mauboussin or his contribution to the investment world? The individual leading Consilient Research at Counterpoint Global, within Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and serving as an adjunct professor of finance at the Columbia Business School possesses a talent for identifying stocks poised to generate transformative returns. 

Mauboussin’s works on investment, such as “Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition”, “The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing” and “More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unexpected Places” concentrate on the crossroads of finance, psychology, and decision-making. Renowned for their insightful analysis and pragmatic advice, his books have garnered widespread acclaim among investors.

Approaching the market differently

One might question the distinction between his books and other investment guides that instruct on evaluating a stock’s appeal by estimating the company’s value. Yet, a closer examination of the content within Mauboussin’s works reveals a potent and insightful alternative approach to recognizing disparities between price and value. His investing principles are simple as evident from the ideas he has penned down for various publications.

Mauboussin relies on hidden opportunities to generate profits, often capitalizing on market turbulence and uncertainty. He explained how during periods of market uncertainty, enterprises endowed with option value can find themselves exceptionally well-placed for success. Option value denotes the prospective benefits that extend beyond a business’s current valuation. Essentially, it grants the right, without the obligation, to seize opportunities as they emerge. In uncertain markets, industry leaders equipped with astute management teams and ready access to capital might discern and exploit opportunities as they unfold.

A departure from the “value investing” mindset 

The conventional “value investing” approach centres on identifying a stock’s intrinsic value and acquiring it at a markdown to that value. Mauboussin, however, adopts a different perspective. He advocates starting with the present market price of the stock rather than fixating on intrinsic value. From there, he endeavours to evaluate the conditions necessary for achieving a favourable return. This process includes scrutinizing the company’s future growth prospects, potential catalysts for price appreciation, and other factors that could contribute to an increase in the stock’s value.

The probability of the anticipated scenario materializing is also a crucial consideration. Taking into account both the potential return and the likelihood of success, investors must decide on whether to invest in the stock.

Following what great investors do

Exceptional investors possess two pivotal qualities that set them apart: A receptiveness to diverse viewpoints and a readiness to adjust their beliefs in response to fresh evidence. These traits prove invaluable in navigating the intricate and ever-evolving realm of investing.

Many investors succumb to confirmation bias, involuntarily gravitating towards information that reinforces their existing convictions while overlooking contradictory evidence. This tendency results in biased decision-making and missed opportunities. By actively seeking out varied perspectives, exceptional investors expose themselves to novel information, challenging their assumptions. This, in turn, broadens their comprehension of the market and aids in identifying potential blind spots.

Embracing diverse viewpoints not only fosters creativity but also gives rise to new insights and innovative investment strategies.

Evaluate your investment decisions

Numerous investors, including those who have achieved success, frequently fall into the trap of pursuing positive results without giving due attention to the underlying quality of their decision-making process. This can result in unsustainable success, relying more on chance than genuine skill.

The allure of chasing outcomes is often strong. Nevertheless, astute investors recognize that enduring success depends on consistently making sound decisions, irrespective of immediate results. They prioritize a well-defined process over the pursuit of short-term gains.

Furthermore, many investors tend to conflate luck with skill, attributing their positive outcomes to their capabilities when chance may have played a significant role. This lack of awareness can impede long-term growth.

It is crucial to emphasize the significance of assessing decisions based on their quality rather than their outcomes. This approach enables continual improvement and encourages a more objective evaluation of investment performance.

Mauboussin aptly emphasizes the probabilistic nature of investing, asserting that expected value is the appropriate lens through which to contemplate security prices. Given the inherent uncertainty of the future, investors are advised to concentrate on decision-making grounded in the best available information and an understanding of the probabilities associated with various outcomes.

In contrast to traditional investment approaches that centre on intrinsic value or technical analysis, Mauboussin’s focus on expected value provides a robust framework for making well-informed investment choices in a world marked by uncertainty. By comprehending and applying this concept, investors can enhance their likelihood of attaining long-term financial objectives.


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Updated: 03 Dec 2023, 11:28 AM IST

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