American Natural Premium Dog Food Review for 2023 [Grain Free]

American Natural Premium Dog Food Review for 2023 [Grain Free]

American Natural Premium is a renowned and well-established brand of the USA. The company heavily advertises their products as of premium quality without the premium price.

We are going to review the American natural premium grain free dog food product line and find out if the same is healthy or unhealthy for your pet.

ANP dog food product line comes in various flavors or focused recipes

  • Duck & Pork
  • Pork
  • Ocean Fish & Potato

Titbits about Grain-Free

First of all, understanding the meaning of grain-free is important. Recipes of the dog-food which does not contain grains as an ingredient is called grain-free.

Generally, there are two options available for the purchase i.e. one is grain contented recipe, and another is a grain-free recipe. You may check out our curated list of the best dog foods available in the market.

Makers give an advantage of selection to customers because pet owners prefer either of one. Due to their nutritional understanding, allergies of their dog, or belief in the theory that dogs are not accustomed to the grain diet.

Yes, many pet parents strongly believe that ancestors of canines have never eaten grain diet. Thus, even today we should not feed them with the grain contented meal.

We don’t encourage such beliefs or theories because evolution has made dogs compatible with grain meals. Your pet is very much capable of digesting the grain-diet. But if he has specific allergies towards grains, you should avoid grain meals.

American Natural Premium Dog Food Review

Here is our in-depth and unbiased review of the product.

Key Qualities of ANP

American Natural Premium dog food type comes in various flavors or focused ingredients. This helps you to choose the most suitable product for your pet. Makers have not used poultry by-products which makes it free from causing any diseases such as salmonella or bird-flu.

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

Nutrients in American Natural Premium Dog Food [Grain Free]

When we judge a food based on its nutrient contents it is important to understand qualities of ingredients individually.

There are five factors needed for the meal which are considered healthy for any animal.

i.e. protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins.

1. Protein

Protein constitutes in developing the torn muscles, and tissues. It also maintains the quality of hair and coat as well as supports the nourishment of bones.

  • Duck & pork, pork recipes are rich sources of lean protein in the course meal.
  • Duck meal, pork meal, ocean fish meal each is considered to be threefold protein-rich than the raw source itself; are included in the duck & pork, pork, and ocean fish recipes respectively.
  • Menhaden fish meal and salmon oil are rich protein source as well as maintains the hair and coat quality.
  • It helps in ensuring the anti-inflammatory processes.
  • Pea protein remains after utilization of starch content. It holds about 25% of protein content.
  • Pea flour is crushed dried peas that too constitutes 25% of protein.

2. Omega3 & Omega6 Fatty Acids

Acids used in American Natural Premium dog food play a vital part in smooth biological activities in the body and handle metabolism.

  • Salmon oil contains an essential nutritional value to the diet. It helps in the proper functioning of the brain and retinal health.
  • It is important for cardiovascular functions.
  • Safflower oil is not as rich as flaxseeds in terms of nutrition.
  • Flaxseeds is filled with both types of acids which help smooth functioning of the body.

3. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are basic energy-producing nutrition. Ingredients containing carbs has major content of fibers which is a plus point. Carbs are considered next to proteins in terms of energy production in the body.

  • Pea is an abundant source of carbs. About 60% of peas is carbs.
  • Potatoes are the simplest form of carbohydrates in the meal. Easy to digest and helps metabolism.
  • Chicory root is inulin rich, a starch substance made up of carbs.
  • Inulin promotes digestive bacteria into the system and increases metabolism.

4. Minerals

Minerals govern multiple activities in the body. It is vital for maintaining the healthy functioning of the brain, muscles, and internal organs.

  • Copper Sulfate constitutes in bone development, iron utilization, and protein synthesis.
  • Zinc Sulfate has abundant zinc, contributes to insulin production.
  • Manganese Sulfate is essential for bones and helps develop immunity.
  • Cobalt Carbonate useful for B12 absorption.
  • Calcium Iodate acts as an antiseptic.
  • Zinc Proteinate has abundant zinc, contributes to insulin production.
  • Copper Proteinate has immense copper, helps bone repair, protein digestion, iron utilization.
  • Manganese Proteinate contains immense manganese, constitutes in bone development and boosts immunity.

5. Vitamins

Vitamins too govern multiple activities in the body. It is vital for maintaining the healthy functioning of the brain, muscles, and internal organs.

  • Vitamin A acetate is essential for proper vision, immunity.
  • Vitamin B12 supplement, necessary for the synthesis of carbs as well as keeps blood cells healthy and avoid megaloblastic anemia.
  • The B5 vitamin is present in D-calcium pantothenate.
  • Riboflavin supplement contains vitamin B2 which helps growth and in fixing the damaged organs.
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride has a fraction of vitamin B6, useful for skin toning, repairing RBC.
  • Folic acid contains vitamin B9 helpful during pregnancy.
  • Biotin contains Vitamin B7, also known as H-vitamin. Promotes metabolism and fatty acids formation.
  • Vitamin C present in L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate helps repair damaged body components.
  • Vitamin D3 supplement, essential for utilization of calcium, phosphorous. Ensures necessary energy level during active exercises.
  • Vitamin E supplement is an antioxidant which helps in elongated cellular life. It also helps many organs to function properly.

Pros and Cons Based on Various User Experiences

Different animals function uniquely when kept on the same diet. So, it is not necessary that your pet will show all the healthy or unhealthy signs while feeding on American Natural Premium. There are chances that your dog might like or dislike the food, that’s normal. Below shown pros and cons are considered from most users’ experiences.

Makers produce grain-free contented meals not only for the allergens but also for the pets which stay healthier with gluten-free meals. Gluten is type of a protein present in grains i.e. barley, wheat, etc.

Gluten is not present in every type of grains, so a gluten-free food might have grains but grain-free food does not have gluten for sure.

Grain-free or gluten-free is perfectly suitable for the pets having sensitivities.

  • Ingredients like flaxseed, carrots, chicory root add a decent amount of fibers in the meal which helps on metabolism and easy bowel movements.
  • American Natural Premium has never recalled for any of their product lines.
  • Grain-free contented meals help allergen pets. It is gluten-free.
  • An abundant amount of mineral supplements are used which suffice the nutrients need of an animal.
  • No poultry products which add unnecessary cholesterol and fats are used. As well as, it reduces the possibility of catching bird-flu or salmonella to zero.
  • The product is quite affordable.
  • Many pet parents are switching to American Natural Premium.
  • Only standard recipes are available. No dedicated food packs for different life stages.
  • American Natural Premium have thin distribution channels outside of East-America.
  • A handful of customers have reported that sales team were rude to them.
  • There is an absence of fruits which could help in blood purification and add natural taste to the meal.

Similar Products

If you don’t find anything you were looking for in this product, then please refer the below-listed brands. Customers have consistently ranked these brands on the top along with American Natural Premium.

Taste of the wild


Users have reviewed this product as the satisfyingly natural ingredient brand. As well as it provides with natural and raw tastes that pets would devour.


ACANA Heritage Dog Food


This brand has 60% beef, lamb, and pork including meat & liver. In which, liver processed using the freeze-drying method then mixed with the kibble. Apart from raw ingredients, herbs, veggies, and fruits are used which maintains immunity.

Hill’s Science Diet



By far this brand delivers the specific packets for every sort of dogs may that be based on breed, allergy, life stages, preferences of flavor, etc. It has a decent amount of recipes which deliver utmost balanced diet into every product.

Similar Dog Food Reviews


  • The grain-free recipe helps your dog to avoid any harsh outcomes due to any sort of grain-allergy. Also, the meal becomes more digestible without grains. You can choose the grain-free product line for your little guy during all life stages.
  • Don’t choose American Natural Premium if your pet falls under giant breed. Because this brand delivers an almost average amount of protein, fats, carbs which you might find less than expected.
  • If your pet has mild digestion issues with what you are feeding him. Then this is the deal you will like, carrots, pea fibers, chicory roots help in easy digestion and boost metabolism. Even if you are dissatisfied with the dog food brand which you are apparently feeding to your dog, we suggest you try this brand and see if it matches your expectations.

The review of American Natural Premium Grain-Free Dog Food shares the data collected from most user experiences.

It explains the vitality of grain-free dog food diet and pros-cons of the brand. Further, it sheds a light on the nutrients included in the product as well as how they act with the body.

We hope it helps you to determine what is best for your dog. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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