Bethesda’s masterpiece is our Game of the Year 2023

Bethesda’s masterpiece is our Game of the Year 2023

Reasons why Hi-Fi Rush is GOTY by Connor aged 25:

Hi Fi Rush has the only good video game cat.

Hi Fi Rush somehow has both a good licensed and original soundtrack at the same time.

I dressed up as Santa to deliver the news that Hi-Fi Rush has won our coveted GOTY gong that we definitely haven’t given to seven other games this weekWatch on YouTube

Hi Fi Rush is a game with gags that are actually funny, dispelling the hex the Borderlands 3 writers places upon the gaming industry back in 2019.

Hi Fi Rush understands how lame electric guitars are, and by placing it in the hands of the dumbest protagonist in years, managed to double-negative itself back into being cool again.

It’s the only game released in 2023 that is cool to play through more than once.

It put the first smile on the wrinkled faces of The Prodigy fans in 15 years.

(I’m writing more hang on)

Guitar music is s***e for dads

Hi Fi Rush is a nicotine patch for Devil May Cry fans who have 8 years left to wait before a new game comes out.

Hi Fi Rush gave the best character a Scottish accent because they know it’s the only good accent on the isle

Hi Fi Rush is the only good game from Bethesda this year

Hi Fi Rush is the most refreshing game to come out in years. It’s an exciting new IP that deserves more love than it’s getting – and it’s already beloved. I hope Tango Gameworks keeps making more games like this – it’s outstanding.

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