Couple stay at ‘worst hotel in Blackpool’ | UK | Travel

Couple stay at ‘worst hotel in Blackpool’ | UK | Travel

A couple’s stay at what’s been dubbed Blackpool’s “worst” hotel, described as akin to a prison, has gone viral after they shared their eye-opening experience online.

Zac Jones, a social media influencer, didn’t hold back in pointing out that the notorious Norbreck Castle Hotel is plagued by over 4,000 “terrible” reviews on Tripadvisor. Guests have reported everything from “bloodstains, hair in the bathroom and brown stains in the carpet.”

In a revealing TikTok video for his 65,000 followers, Zac said: “There’s been a lot of talk about this place – another Britannia-run hotel…looks a bit like a prison. Tonight we’re staying here and we’re going to see if the reviews quite represent the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool.”

Upon entering the dated establishment, Zac surprisingly praised the warm welcome, he said: “Well I’ve got to say it sure does look like a Britannia. The lady at check-in was very friendly.”

He then showcased a grand function hall with a striking red patterned floor and neatly set chairs, reports Lancs Live. Wandering the long hallways, he said: “The flooring’s a bit wonky you know”

When they finally entered their room, Zac’s partner, Kseniya, visibly recoiled at the odour. She said: “It gets worse and worse.” Zac said: “There is a strong smell, I can’t lie, of you know what.”

Upon entering their designated room, Zac said: “It’s not as bad as some of the reviews. First impressions, this place looks clean enough.”

Yet, he couldn’t overlook the dust and peeling paint on the skirting board and said: “You would think the cleaners would go around here.”

Zac then highlighted the kettle’s rusty elements and a dirty teaspoon. His partner said: “To be honest, I expected it to be worse.”

Agreeing, Zac added: “I mean, when you pay attention to detail, it’s a bit scabby.” He continued his scrutiny by showing some flaking paint and a dead insect.

Inspecting further, Zac commented on the window frames: “That’s quite dirty yeah.”In the bathroom, they discovered hairs in a discoloured sink, but gave a nod to the clean toilet: “That’ll do.”

Zac said: “Bit scruffy but ok. £35 a night this is.” The bed inspection under UV light revealed hairs and marks and Kseniya said: “I still don’t want to get into the bed.” Zac added: “The bedsheet itself doesn’t look that troubling.”

After their review, finding little fault for the cost, Zac said: “I’ve got to give props where props are due.”

The video, which has racked up over three million views and attracted hundreds of comments, has sparked a wave of reactions. One viewer said: “Reminds me of the hotel from The Witches (1990s film) especially with the meeting room.”

Another said: “We stayed there a few years ago and our room was about three miles and 700 corridors and fire doors from the lobby.”

A third added: “No way that’s a hotel, looks like HMP Barlinnie.” Yet, amidst the criticism, some defended their stays, one person said: “I love this hotel. Go here everytime, such a laugh.”

Another said: “It’s cheap and full of characters. I love it, always have a good time here.” And another added: “I’ve stayed here, I didn’t think it was that bad for what we paid for.”

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