• A Jeep Wrangler driver missed an exit and accidentally ended up stopped on the highway.
  • To get out of the situation they cut off a semi-truck driver on US-287 before brake-checking it.
  • There’s no word on if the Wrangler driver faced any consequences for the reckless action.

Reckless driving often involves driving too fast for conditions, drifting, or burning out where one shouldn’t. In this case, though, it’s completely the opposite and entails a driver going too slowly and then slowing down even further. Cutting off any car in traffic is dangerous. Braking-checking one is too. When one does it to a semi-truck, it’s dumb and newsworthy.

The incident reportedly happened on US-287 just outside of Arlington, Texas on June 24. In it, we see everything from the dashcam of the 18-wheeler. The truck approaches a fork in the road with all forward lanes blocked by emergency vehicles. As a result, all traffic must use the far left two lanes to exit the highway.

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As the truck approaches this branch, a Jeep Wrangler is nearly parked in lane four just before the exit. That means they didn’t pay enough attention to merge into lanes one or two before getting there. Then, as if with no concern for life or limb, the Jeep merges into lane two directly in front of the semi. There’s no audio, but it’s likely the truck driver laid on their horn as the Jeep then slowed to zero mph before driving off.

The Jeep driver proves to be incredibly ill-equipped to drive a motor vehicle. Not only did they put themselves in a situation where they were nearly parked on the highway, but they they made things worse. They tried to merge at the wrong time. They didn’t speed up as quickly as possible so as not to impede traffic.

And finally, they intentionally made things worse for another driver that was doing nothing wrong. On top of all of it, they did it to a driver who would almost certainly have a dashcam to catch it all. Thankfully, the actions of this one entitled person didn’t lead to a serious crash. We just hope they somehow end up having to face the authorities for this reckless behavior.

Video: SVTCobraR315 H/T: TireMeetsRoad