Dragon’s Dogma 2’s first patch finally adds an option to start a new game, makes housing available earlier

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s first patch finally adds an option to start a new game, makes housing available earlier

On Friday, Dragon’s Dogma 2 received its first post-launch update. Unsurprisingly, this one isn’t massive, but it does address a couple of the early gripes many players had with the game.

The patch finally adds an option to start a new a game when a save file already exists. Dragon’s Dogma 2, just like its predecessor, does not allow for multiple save slots. This is unlikely to change, but what the sequel didn’t ship with was the ability to start a new save and overwrite your existing one.

Not only can you now effectively forfeit your journey and start fresh, you also get access to the quest that lets you own a house earlier in the game. The patch simply made it so the dwelling quest appears earlier than it did, giving you better control on when you can save and rest.

And, as promised earlier in the week, the number of Art of Metamorphosis items available at Pawn Guilds has been increased to 99. Art of Metamorphosis is an item used to tweak the appearance of your character, and that of your main pawn. Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character creator is so advanced, we hired a real artist to review the characters created by VG247’s various members.

Players using Nvidia’s DLSS should see better image quality, too, thanks to this update. Elsewhere in the patch notes, there’s a mention of fixes to 3D models not showing up correctly, as well as various other bug and text fixes.

The patch arrives just a couple of days after Capcom acknowledged the game’s major framerate issues, particularly in towns. At the time, the developer said the drops are due to how the game allocates CPU resources, essentially keeping track of NPCs and their states at all times. While work is being done there to lessen that effect, it will likely take time to arrive in the game.

It’s not clear when we can expect a larger, more impactful patch just yet. Until then, the game’s Steam review rating remains sitting at ‘Mixed’. In case you missed them, we’ve been publishing more Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides to help answer your questions, and provide some light on which choices you should make throughout the story, such as these ones for whether or not you should give the money to Sven, and who you should present the Beggar’s Garb to.

If you still haven’t come across any of that in your own travels, it’s probably best to make sure you know how to unlock the Sorcerer and Warrior Vocations, which you’re going to need for their passives even if you don’t intend to main them.

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