Evo Japan features 2024’s most anticipated fighting games

Evo Japan features 2024’s most anticipated fighting games

The game line-up for Evo Japan 2024 has been revealed, and it includes a nice mix of both expected favourites and some of 2024’s most anticipated fighting games. This will likely be the first major international tournament for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes, and Tekken 8.

These new releases will star alongside some beloved favourites including Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear; Strive, King of Fighters 15, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. That last one may snatch your attention as the odd one out, but it makes sense for Evo Japan. Japan, after all, is a country where the game still has a ripe competitive environment, with exceptionally exciting events still taking place there.

Evo Japan – the Eastern spin-off of the largest fighting game tournament in the world, Evo – first kicked off back in 2018. While it took a break during the Covid-19 lockdowns, it has recently made a grand return as a massive stage for communties and players unable to make the expensive trip over to Las Vegas for Evo. It’s historically been a great place for high-end gameplay across the featured games, as well as a nice way of spotlighting Eastern talent.

But hey, even if you’re not a competitive fighting game fan there’s reason to be excited. Evo as an entity has established itself as a good stage for fighting game reveals and announcements. As such, it’s entirely possible we’ll hear about future updates for many of the featured games, especially on the final day.

Last year, the Cannon brothers even held a Project L interview! It was a Cannon-run event at the time so it made sense, but it goes to show you can’t be sure just how much we’re going to see!

So, if you’re even vaguely interesting in fighting games, it’s worth keeping an eye on Evo Japan next year. It’s set to take place April 27 – 29, so mark your calanders and prepare to ruin your sleep schedule if you plan on tuning in live.

What would you like to see at the show? Are you interested in the matches themselves, or just reveals? Let us know below!

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