Openprise Introduces DataOps For RevOps

Openprise Introduces DataOps For RevOps

Openprise, a provider of RevOps data automation, released DataOps for RevOps, a set of new capabilities designed to bring a no-code approach to revenue, data quality, enrichment and orchestration across systems.

Specific features of DataOps for RevOps include:

  • A buyer-centric enrichment experience that seeks to simplify data access, purchase and integration through a single contract with providers using an enrichment waterfall approach;
  • New AI for Ops that integrates the functionalities of generative AI models to help clean free-text field values, summarize emails and activity descriptions, as well as harness structured or unstructured data and include all data into their workflow processes using AI and machine learning; and

  • Unified RevOps Dashboards that help teams assess data quality, pinpoint issues and locate problems in workflows by integrating process statuses from various systems in a single view. 

These new capabilities are part of the Openprise RevOps Data Automation (RDA) Cloud, which the company claims is the first end-to-end data automation cloud for RevOps organizations that supports no-code data orchestration and workflow automation in a single cloud environment across the buyer journey. Previously, the company released a set of solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with an enhanced solution for attribution.

“The transformation of modern RevOps continues to gather pace, and Openprise is committed to continuing to lead the charge in delivering best-in-class RevOps data automation solutions to our customers,” said Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise, in a statement. “By integrating new DataOps for RevOps capabilities within the RDA Cloud, we’ve made it easy for RevOps teams to enrich, enhance and manage their data by leveraging today’s AI/machine-learning innovations without requiring IT assistance, and giving them the necessary tools to make data work for their revenue-generating strategies.” 

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