Scraps To Sculptures, Karnataka’s Sivamurthy Bhatt Masters The Art Of Wood Craftsmanship

Scraps To Sculptures, Karnataka’s Sivamurthy Bhatt Masters The Art Of Wood Craftsmanship

He has also created a dummy model of a table and other wooden artworks.

Sivamurthy has also come up with lifesize sculptures of a child and mother, father and son, a man wearing a turban, etc.

In an era where traditional craftsmanship is gaining global recognition, artisans like Sivamurthy Bhatt from Karnataka are shining examples of the timeless art of wood craftsmanship. With a quarter-century of dedication to his craft, Sivamurthy transforms natural wood scraps into intricate and awe-inspiring creations, ranging from handicraft and decorative items to toys and household products.

Sivamurthy’s meticulous approach to woodworking is evident in every piece he produces, showcasing his deep passion for the art form. His skill extends beyond functional items to lifelike sculptures depicting familial bonds, wildlife, and characters inspired by modern art paintings. From detailed figurines to larger-than-life sculptures, Sivamurthy’s creations reflect not just technical expertise but also a profound imagination.

The artist’s choice of materials is as eco-friendly as it is artistic, primarily utilizing natural wood scraps to breathe life into his creations. His portfolio includes an array of sculptures featuring parent-child relationships, men donning turbans, reptiles, parrots, and an assortment of animals. Sivamurthy’s diverse repertoire even includes dummy models of tables, adding a touch of whimsy to his wooden artworks.

Wooden handicrafts, not only in Karnataka but across India, have witnessed a resurgence in popularity. The aesthetic appeal and cultural significance of these crafts contribute to their newfound admiration.

India’s rich variety of tree species, including bamboo, Sheesham, Alpine, and those from arid regions, serve as the canvas for artisans like Sivamurthy. The tropical country’s deciduous and evergreen forests provide a diverse range of wood that artists leverage for crafting sculptures, furniture, and various wooden items.

Apart from functional pieces, wooden handicrafts in India encompass an array of items such as toys, photo frames, dolls, wall hangings, decorative vases, and showpieces. The art of wood carving and decoration has become a celebrated form, adorning homes with the timeless beauty of handcrafted wooden articles.

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