Fresh off delivering the first batch of Cybertrucks, Tesla has announced their 2023 Holiday Update will begin rolling out next week.

In typical Tesla fashion, the update includes a mix of fun and practical features. Among the most eye-catching is the ability to change the lock sound to a “screaming goat.” Owners will also apparently be able to select between applause, a rubber ducky, and an “old school horn.”

Besides that gimmick, the update will include Apple Podcasts and an improved navigation system that shows the location of speed cameras as well as traffic lights and stop signs. Rear seat passengers will also be able to play games on the rear display and they’ll be able to use Bluetooth headphones to hear what’s happening.

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 Tesla’s Holiday Update Includes A Screaming Goat Sound And New Safety Features

Speaking of games, Castle Doombad has been added to the Tesla Arcade. There are also updates to Beach Buggy, Polytopia, and Vampire Survivors.

On the safety front, vehicles can automatically call 911 if the airbags are triggered by an accident. Furthermore, the “blind spot camera will alert you with red shading when your turn signal is on and a car is detected in your blind spot.”

Tesla also mentioned a “High Fidelity Park Assist” function, which appears to create a three dimensional view of your surroundings. The company didn’t go into many specifics, but the technology is designed to make parking less stressful.

Owners will also find a new “light show” option and access to two new cameras when using Live Sentry Mode. Last but not least, customers can use the Tesla app to plan a multi-stop trip and then send it to their vehicle.