Racing on a proper drag strip is a much smarter thing to do than racing on the street but unfortunately for the owner of this Ford Mustang, not even the prepped surface was enough to prevent them from losing control and slamming into a concrete crash barrier.

This particular incident recently occurred at Las Vegas Motor Speedway while the Mustang was racing a C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette Z06. We can see that a handful of modifications have been made to the Mustang GT, including the fitment of orange brake calipers and orange badges but we don’t yet know if any mechanical upgrades have been made to it.

Off the line, the powerful ‘Vette immediately establishes a lead over the Mustang while the driver of the Ford struggles to put the car’s power to the pavement. The car initially begins to slide to the right but perhaps because the owner over-corrected, or maybe because they changed gear, the car then violently snaps to the left. The driver is unable to react quickly enough to catch the slide and the pony car slams directly into the wall on the side of the crash.

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While it would be easy to poke fun at the driver for adding to the ever-growing tally of people who have crashed a Ford Mustang, there’s always an inherent risk of this happening if you are at the drag strip, disable the traction control of a powerful rear-wheel drive car, and pin the throttle. Yes, drag racing may not involve any corners, but it does require finesse and that seems to be something this driver is lacking.

The damage done to the Ford appears quite severe. We can see that the entire front fascia was crushed by the impact and the hood has been badly dented. Thankfully, the owner can be seen getting out of the car, seemingly without any injuries.