Alaya F Shares Hilarious Fitness Blooper on Instagram

Alaya F Shares Hilarious Fitness Blooper on Instagram

In a recent Instagram reel, actress Alaya F shared a lighthearted blooper from her fitness training session. In the video, Alaya attempts a flip on a bar but gets stuck midway, unable to complete the move. Her trainer steps in to assist, pulling her leg back to help her get unstuck and finish the maneuver. The amusing moment highlights both the challenges and fun of her fitness journey.

She captioned the reel, “AF was trying new atrangi things, AF got stuck ”

Recently, Alaya F attempted to balance on top of a ball but lost her footing and tumbled down. Fortunately, she didn’t sustain any serious injuries, though she did feel some pain after the fall. She wrote on the story: “My most painful fail yet. (This is why it’s important to NOT try this at home without trained supervision and crash mats). Watch this with sound on (sic).”

Alaya F, a fitness enthusiast champions a healthy lifestyle, recently shared her summer diet and hydration tips with IANS. Emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated, Alaya revealed that she ensures a minimum daily water intake of three liters. Her summer breakfast typically includes avocado toast with egg, accompanied by a small bowl of mangoes and a side of refreshing watermelon.

Alaya highlighted that water intake is “the most important part of my diet,” particularly during the hot summer months. “I do most of my exercises without any fan or AC, which makes me sweat a lot in the summer! So, hydration is super important for me.”

To keep track of her hydration and maximize its benefits, Alaya infuses her water with healthy ingredients. “In the morning, while I’m exercising, I finish about 750ml of cucumber, mint, and lemon water, and I also add my collagen powder to it,” she added.

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