AmazonBasics Dog Crate Reviews | Convenient Heavy Duty Dog Crates

AmazonBasics Dog Crate Reviews | Convenient Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Amazon sells almost everything you wish to buy. Apparently, Amazon is behind every kind of product to manufacturing under its brand name i.e. AmazonBasics. In fact, AmazonBasics Dog Crate is one product out of many that Amazon easily dominates the market with.

Go through the review to know why the AmazonBasics Dog Crates are so successful.

About AmazonBasics Dog Crate

small AmazonBasics dog crate

The brand name under which Amazon sells the products is AmazonBasics. Generally, we call it by the standard name i.e. Amazon. Looking at the increasing customer audience, Amazon is not too far from becoming the number one pet product seller. We could guess the economical price and utmost quality product are responsible for the success so far.

AmazonBasics is about every product that you could think of, they will be having one of their own built and sold online. The AmazonBasics Dog Crate series is also one such product line which Amazon manufactures for a wide customer audience.

Moreover, the Amazon Dog Crate series goes neck to neck with many renown brands’. For the instance, if we consider Midwest, Petmate, etc. Amazon Dog Crate series also has a giant buyers audience similar to those we listed.

AmazonBasics Dog Crate Series

Furthermore, the Amazon Dog Crate series does not end at only one or two variety of products. The makers produce every type of dog crate useful for pooches. Amazon produces metal dog crate series, exercise pen(open dog crate), Soft-sided dog crate series, dog carrier crate series.

AmazonBasics Wire Dog Crate Reviews

There are many products under the AmazonBasics Dog Crate label. Therefore, here we are going to review the metal dog crates of the AmazonBasics. It will include not only a single door wire dog crate but also a double dog crate door kennel.

Looking at the wire dog crate series from AmazonBasics, there are two types of crates. One is the single door dog crate and another is the double dog crate i.e. double door dog crate. The difference between the two is only about its size and opening doors. For a small dog crate amazon has provided single door and for the large dog crate amazon has provided double door opening.

On the other hand, we have the open dog crate made of similar material i.e. metal wire. Therefore, we will be reviewing the single and double door dog crate one after another.

Single Door Wire Dog Crates

AmazonBasics wire dog crate


Starting with the single opening dog crate door variant from the lot. You will see the double dog crate right after the current review ends.

Amazon Dog Crate having a single door is as popular as the double door dog crate. Both of them share the similar frame and construction. The only difference between these two kennels is their size and number opening doors.

The apparent AmazonBasics Dog Crate has one opening door at the front i.e. the width of the crate. It is the smaller face of the crate compared to the adjacent side wall.

Thus, the only way you can keep this crate in a room is with its small face remains openable. This seems to be a useless info but you will get to know about it later in this section.

Single Door Wire Dog Crates Design

Looking at the crate, you will recall of studying the cuboid and parallelogram shapes in your early school days. The current AmazonBasics Dog Crate is also one cuboid shaped portable dog crate.

folding dog crate

Firstly, all the panels have common hinge joints along with the base floor panel. In contrast to it, the roof panel has hinge points with two side walls and not with the floor. That means there are four panels which form a chain. The floor, the sidewall(long panel), the roof, and another side wall(long panel), lastly the other end of the floor form a chain.

There are other two panels namely the front panel with the door and the exact opposite i.e. rear have common hinge points with the floor. The image above will clarify the design of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate.

Size of the Dog Crate

The concurrent AmazonBasics Dog Crate comes in different six size options starting with the smallest Amazon Dog Crate measuring 22” to the largest one measuring 48”. It will be enough options for you to choose the appropriate one for your pooch.

dog crate sizes

Look at the image above which guides you about the perfect size of crate for any Fido. Remember, the crate has to be of a perfect size. Not only the small is inappropriate for the dog but also the larger than the required size will be inappropriate.

The dogs have the tendency to look for shelter or cocoon in a dark cozy place. It makes them feel safe, and eventually, the anxiety of the dog fades away(see ZenCrate). Moreover, the dogs suffer from separation anxiety or they get anxious hearing loud noises. There are several reasons for any dog to develop anxiety issues but having a cozy dark place is one effective solution to it.

Therefore, choose the crate of the correct size that will neither be smaller nor larger than the Fido’s requirement. Adding to the fact, looking at these many size options, it will not be very hard for you to find the right one. Amazon leads the race compared to its rivals in this aspect.


Review about the whole AmazonBasics Dog Crate will be a little vague if we do not consider its components. Generally, a dog crate having higher ratings can have a component or two that you wouldn’t want. Similar, many users complain of those problems once after they have purchased the item.

Therefore, go through the individual components of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate

to know if everything fits the requirement.

Side Panels

As any metal wire dog crate will have, the AmazonBasics Dog Crate also has the welded metal wires constituting the kennel. There are five panels out of the total six panels which has the similar looking panels i.e. with uniform wires.

On the other hand, the floor panel has a lesser number of wires. In fact, only a couple of wired are welded sufficient enough to hold the dog crate tray. It can firmly support the tray and due to a lesser number of wires, some weight and cost reduction is made.

The quality of the wire is not as good as you would find on Midwest wire dog crate. The concurrent ones are thinner and a bit deformable. It is not at all suitable for a rambunctious pooch. Only after a few attempts, a boisterous and strong dog can succeed in bending the wires.


A divider is a great provision if you will be crate training a dog for the first time. The divider can be of many benefits and easy measure to inculcate discipline in dogs. The smaller pup can easily understand the drill if done with a divider.

Additionally, the divider is the only component of any crate that makes it a potty training dog crate. You can use the boundary to separate the dwelling area and soiling area apart. Also, using the litter pads or potty training pads can ease the cleaning process.

On the other hand, you can use the divider to separate the small pets that you wish to keep in one crate. This can be useful for the pet owners who own two or more pets. However, make sure you put a maximum of two pups in the crate i.e. one on each side.

Only the pooches from the same litter can dwell together. Additionally, make sure there is enough space for the occupants to move around easily. Therefore, do not overpopulate the crate with many puppies.

Top Handle

metal wire AmazonBasics dog crate
dog crate covers

The top handle makes the handling of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate easier. However, avoid using the handle to lift the crate while the dog is inside. Likewise, refrain from lifting the crate from any other point when the dog is inside.

The handle is removable which makes it even more useful. You can either attach it on the top when the crate is set up and attach it on the side when the crate is folded. While the Amazon crate is in a fold-down arrangement(see Impact), the handle at the side can be useful in carrying the crate like a suitcase.

Composite Dog Crate Tray

Dog crate tray of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate has a convenient use i.e. sliding out for cleaning. The crate pan collects the waste from the kennel and prevents it from passing outside.

You can easily remove the pan without opening the door in order to wash the dog crate tray. However, the crate tray is more of a floor to the dog inside the crate. The material of crate is brittle and not very strong to withstand a heavy dog’s weighted movements for long.

Thus, you can use the firm base to support the tray as the wired panel cannot provide a firm support.

Hooked Latch

The locking mechanism is the best if we compare it with other best dog crates. The latch of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate has a hooked shape at the starting end. It will not only lock the door securely but also opens in a jiffy. There are two latches on the door of every crate except for the smallest one having only one latch.

Generally, the latches have a straight wire pinning the other half of the crate. Those are easy sliding latches which need only a left or right motion to either lock or unlock. Moreover, the intelligent Houdini pooches who could crack the drill can easily open the latch from inside.

The wire dog crate will have a certain gap between its successive wires. And the Houdini pooches use their tongue or paw nails to move the latch to open the door. Although it seems difficult process for a dog many pooches can easily break out of the crate.

The hooked latch requiring a left-right as well as the rolling up-down motion in combination for unlocking. Thus, it is impossible for any dog to break out of the crate unlocking this latch. In fact, this feature makes the AmazonBasics dog crate an escape-proof dog crate(see Gunner G1 Dog Kennel).

Ideal For

Looking at the thin wire dog crate, it is obvious that the crate is not meant for a strong, boisterous Fido. It is sufficient for the calm pooches or the small sized pooches who hardly strong to damage the crate.

The AmazonBasics Dog Crate is safe for all the small sized dog breeds irrelevant of the pooch is wild or calm. On the other hand, the crate is not very suitable for the medium or large dog breeds who will be violent in a confinement.

The welds of the Amazon Dog Crate are strong enough to withstand any level of abuse from a dog. On the contrary, the wires might bend a little in such abuse which can be injurious for the dog.

Adding to the fact, the wire dog crates, in general, are not very good for the anxious pooches unless you use a dog crate cover. The cover can limit the light exposure from coming inside of the crate and also makes the crate warm and comfortable.

Double Door Wire Dog Crate Reviews

Here will be reviewing another variant of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate i.e. the two doors double dog crate. It is nothing but a poor extra in the previous product. One door will be at the front face of the crate while the other will be at the side wall. Thus, the kennel will be having two doors opening at front and side respectively.

You can refer single door dog crate introduction for a detailed explanation of the construction. Moreover, the apparent section describes the features different from the previous product. Because there are minor differences between these two crates.

Double Door Wire Dog Crate Design

The current double door AmazonBasics Dog Crate is a similar type of cuboid structure with simple mesh metal wire design. There is a similar chain of the side panels i.e. the floor, side panel, roof, another side panel, and the opposite side of the floor. This makes a box-like structure which looks like an open-ended square pipe.

xxxl dog crate


The front panel and the rear panel both have a common hinge point with the opposite sides of the floor panel respectively. The process of setting up the kennel remains the same for both single and double dog crates.

Adding to the fact, here two panels out of a total six have one opening door on each. It means there are two opening doors allowing a dog to enter/exit.

This provision is useful while arranging a dog crate bed, a divider, etc. It is also very useful if you have to use the crate for two puppies. You can put the crate in the middle of the crate and use the front door for the first half and side door for the other half of the crate.


Mainly the components of the crate together form the whole product body. And despite every component having substantial use the product advertisements only focus on the positives. Although the apparent product very renown and many pet parents approve of it there is something about this product which you might not like.

Side Panels

There are five body side panels which have a similar number of metal wires on it per unit length. Only the floor panel has a lot lower number of wires on it. The first reason for such a floor will be its floor panel. The floor panel will support the occupant inside the AmazonBasics Dog Crate.

However, the lesser wires do not support the dog crate tray very well. It could lead to premature damage to the floor pan within a short period of time. Especially, if you have a large dog then it is not very likely that the floor pan will last long.

You will have to use a strong base i.e. a metal or wooden board to support the tray.

Additionally, the wires are thin and susceptible to bending upon some effort. Even a medium sized dog breed can bend the wires in a few attempts.

However, the weld spots are strong enough to hold the crate from breaking. Thus, the crate is strong but its thin wires might bend when a boisterous strong dog tries hard.


The divider has the same role here as we saw it for the previous product. The divider is a good provision which separates the halves making current product a good potty training dog crate.

In addition to that, you can also use it to put more than one puppies inside the crate. However, you shall not overpopulate the crate which has adverse effects on the puppies.

xl dog crate
medium sized dog crate

The best use of the divider in the AmazonBasics Dog Crate large variant. You can use the divider to provide a cozy spot for your pooch while he is a pup. Likewise, you can gradually make the cozy spot a little bigger using the divider as the Fido grows.

Generally, the pet parents purchase a large dog crate for their pup which makes the crate appear extra large dog crate for him. Then the extra large dog crate will be useful for the same pup when he grows big. Moreover, a crate training adult dog is more difficult than crate training a dog while he is young.

Thus, these type of masters make a cozy spot for their pup initially and gradually increases the size of the spot using the divider when the pup ages.

Top Handle

The top handle is very useful. You can attach it wherever you find it useful in handling the crate. Moreover, the crate handle at the center of the top panel will be the best option while the kennel is set up.

On the other hand, while the kennel is folded down, the handle at the lower end of the side panel will do good. You can carry the crate like a briefcase while it is folded.

Composite Dog Crate Tray

The floor pan or the dog crate tray is made up of brittle composite polymer plastic. It has only the support of a few metal wires of the floor panel.

Further, when a medium dog breed or the large dog species enters the kennel a firm balance is hardly available. This can even lead to breaking the tray or discomfort for the occupant.

You will have to use a sturdy base to support the dog crate tray. A metal sheet or a soft-wooden board will solve the problem.

Coming to the good about the dog crate tray i.e. it has a sliding motion for retracting and placing back. It will be very useful while cleaning the tray, you can easily pull the pan sliding it out without opening the door.

Hooked Latch

xxl dog crate

The AmazonBasics Dog Crate with a double dog crate door has two latches on each door on all the variants except for the smallest one, it has only one latch on each door. It means the smallest Amazon Dog Crate will have a total of two latches i.e. one on each door. On the contrary, the other variants will have a total of four latches i.e. two on each door.

As we described earlier, the hooked latches will make the AmazonBasics Dog Crate an escape-proof dog crate. Neither an intelligent puppy nor a strong one could open the latch from inside.

Ideal For

The apparent dog crate is suitable for the medium or the large sized dog breeds. However, it is very useful as a potty training dog crate. Apart from that, you can even use it for the toy dog breeds by using the divider to create a cozy spot inside the large dog crate.

The crate is not very useful for a Fido who suffers from separation anxiety unless you use a dog crate cover. The dog crate cover will provide a dark and comfortably warm environment inside the crate.

Finally, this crate is useful for every kind of dog. However, you can avoid the wire crate if you have a strong dog because he can destroy this crate. Upon using the excessive strength, a strong Fido can bend the crate panels. In that case, you have only one kind of dog crates that can hold your dog safely i.e. the indestructible dog crates.

Pros & Cons of AmazonBasics Wire Dog Crate

Although the sections describe every aspect of using an AmazonBasics Dog Crate in detail here you can see everything in brief. We have listed the pros and cons of both the products as a compilation. Because both the items are similar there is an identical list of pros and cons for each.

  • Economical cost.
  • Lightweight structure makes the handling easy.
  • One year warranty from AmazonBasics.
  • Escape proof dog crate locking mechanism.
  • Tough weld joints make the crate secure.
  • Removable sliding floor pan makes cleaning easy.
  • Removable top handlebar makes handling of crate simple.
  • Easy to set up and fold down.
  • Useful for holding a few puppies inside.
  • Rugged build quality and simple design are appreciable.
  • A divider is a great provision in the deal.
  • Floor pan has minimum surrport from few metal floor wires.
  • These AmazonBasics Dog Crate kennels are not suitable for strong boisterous dogs.
  • In some products, the latches do not align properly at the beginning. It takes time to settle.
  • The thin metal wires are susceptible to bending upon some applied effort.

Final Word For Both The Products

Finally, here we conclude the review with a final word on both the products. Both the ‘AmazonBasics Dog Crates’ are equally popular for a strong reason. The brand delivers the good and reliable quality product at an economical price and with a one-year limited warranty. It is built with the deluxe components in a well-thought design.

The only drawback we could state that needs improvement is the dog crate tray. Why do people need put a metal sheet or a soft wooden board below the tray of proper stability? Only a few more wires at the bottom panel could be enough.

AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

Here we have AmazonBasics dog crate which is a useful kennel if you want to save your pooch from firecracker noise, separation anxiety, harsh sunlight. It is very convenient to use a soft dog crate during picnics or camping. It will not only allow you to have your Fido’s company but also the dog will be safe inside.

We will be reviewing the Amazon dog crate i.e. the soft sided dog kennel from AmazonBasics. Thus, you can go through the different details about this product and also a very important section namely ‘components of AmazonBasics Dog Crate’. That section comprises the various vital components which contribute to the proper functioning of the kennel.

Design of AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

The AmazonBasics soft dog crate is a lightweight, easy to handle, soft dog crate. It is suitable for dogs ranging from small breed size to some of the large breed pooches. You can see the detailed description about size in the successive section. Here we will describe the folding method, structure of the kennel, design of the fabric, etc.

Firstly, the AmazonBasics Dog Crate has a PVC frame which will support the fabric. It is like a skeleton to of the fabric body of the crate. Because the frame is made of PVC, it weighs like nuts and is very easy to fold or set up. It is an easily collapsible dog crate which will be suitable for campings or park picnics.

Coming on to the fabric design, it is a polyester material capable of resisting water from getting through. Additionally, it is a strong fabric which can withstand the sunlight without affecting the occupant. Moreover, it will deteriorate if you use it outdoors frequently in sunny weather.

Although the fabric is strong a dog with chewing habit can damage it easily. However, the soft dog crates are never meant for such pooches having mouthing habit or cannot remain calm while inside. Moreover, the small breed pooches are the suitable candidates for a soft dog crate.

The Rolling Doors

The fabric i.e. AmazonBasics soft dog crate cover has two opening doors. These doors are the air vents made up of meshed nets which allow partial light and optimum airflow inside. Basically, the door is the scrolling zipper covers which you can roll up to open. Likewise, you can roll down and zip it in order to close it.

Apart from the fabric design, the AmazonBasics Dog Crate has PVC pipes which folds along with the fabric. It allows you to instantly set up and fold down the kennel. There is a rugged yet soft padded base which will not only last long but also provide better comfort.

AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate Size

The Amazon soft dog crate is available in many sizes starting right from the smallest one of 21” till the largest one of 42”. It allows you to choose the perfect size for your little pup. Moreover, you can choose a larger size if you have a growing pup.

Therefore, you can use it even when he gets bigger. Till the time he gets bigger, you can use multiple dog crate beds to adjust the inside space accordingly. For the large dog crate Amazon product, it will be suitable for the small pooches too.

The soft dog crate i.e. the small dog crate is more suitable for the small or medium sized pooches. It is not very suitable for the large dog breeds. Because it is not a heavy duty dog crate which can hold a boisterous pooch inside.

On the contrary, it very suitable for a large Fido if he can remain calm and composed inside. It can be very useful if the dog suffers from separation anxiety. Because the dog crate cover i.e. the fabric will not allow extreme light exposure from entering.

Similarly, the soft sided enclosure is better at maintaining the warmth inside. Thus, the darkness, warmth, limited sounds are the factors which can calm an anxious pooch.

Components of AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

This is the most important section in order to understand about the capabilities of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate. It will explain the functioning and working of different parts of the soft sided dog crate. Hence, you can look for the feature which you require in a dog crate. In the same manner, you can find out the feature which you don’t want in a crate.

1. PVC Frame

The frame is a basic component of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate. It supports the whole fabric and ultimately the body of the soft sided dog crate. The PVC material is very renown for its lightweight and high strength properties.

portable dog crate

In addition to that, the crate is easy to set up and fold down due to its lightweight. Likewise, the precise structure makes the packing and stacking of the foldable dog crate possible. Otherwise, you will have to properly do the folding procedure in case of the other kennels.

The PVC material is strong but the joints of the PVC pipes are not as strong as the pipes itself. Generally, the joints of the PVC pipes will tend to loosen up during the prolonged usage. It is the only drawback you will have to find a long time after making the purchase. However, the one-year limited AmazonBasics warranty will cover that if the damage is identified as a manufacturing defect.

The frame has curved edges which are good for the safety of the people using this soft dog crate. It will not only save you from the damage but also dog. Moreover, the dogs get injured from their kennels upon accidental contact with the sharp edges.

Thus the frame of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate is a strong structure, which might loosen upon rigorous usage over a couple of months or after a year. Additionally, it will be safe for the people and the pooch to be playing around the crate. Because there are round corner and not the sharp ones.

2. Fabric

small dog crate

The dog crate cover i.e. the fabric is made up of polyester material. And the basic characteristics of the fabric is to resist water from entering inside. Additionally, it will keep the scorching heat from entering. However, you shall not use the Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate outdoors during sunny weather.

Apart from that, the kennel is very strong and long-lasting. It will withstand severe usage and a bit of scratching too. The fabric is a thick skin of polyester which will be useful for long before tearing or damaging.

The polyester fabric has the double stitch joints which are fairly more durable than the other soft dog crates. If the Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate has to fail then it will not be due to the opening of fabric joints.

Likewise, the air ventilation holes have a double stitch joint and zippers for opening/closing. The zippers allow you to easily open and close the doors. Yes. there are two opening doors i.e. one at the front of the soft sided dog crate and another at the rooftop.

3. Opening Doors

soft dog crate

Both the doors are made up of meshed net material that allows maximum airflow inside and partial light exposure which is desirable. There is a provision to lock the scrolled door at the top end of the front door and at the rear end of the top. It will hold the rolled door that looks like a scroll.

There are push buckles at the top of the front door and at the rear end of the roof door. That is a provision to keep the scrolled door in the open position. It is the provision for a dog who loves to watch outside while he is in the house or on a car ride.

You can use the top opening door to have a curious dog looking outside while on a car ride. Only you have to be precautious that the dog does not move around in a moving car. It will be dangerous not only for the dog but also distracts you a lot. In that case, you can use the front door holding hook to fasten the dog via his collar.

That means you can fasten the collar on to the hook of the front door holding the loop. The loop which holds the front door scroll while it is open, the same will keep the dog from moving from his Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate.

4. Ventilation Nets

amazon dog crate

The ventilation nets are made up of synthetic fiber like material similar to that of the nylon fabrics. The meshed material is strong to hold the pooch inside. But the perforated material will not very suitable for a dog who really wants to tear it apart.

The net is stitched with the fabric which is also a weak spot where a dog could easily tear. Moreover, the net like materials will tend to damage more once the damage is done.

Therefore, the net is the weakest point of the AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate i.e. prone to the damage. On the contrary, if your pooch is happy staying inside the soft sided dog crate then there is nothing to worry. The dog will neither temper the meshed met nor it will tear on its own.

However, the meshed net is of a perfect size fitting the door opening. It is neither too tight nor too small to fit the Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate. Additionally, there are four ventilation nets i.e. one on each wall and the fifth one on the roof door. It is one of the best provision of ventilation like this one for any soft dog crate.

5. Soundproof & Translucent Vents

The ventilation nets are of a dark color that means it allows the light partially inside. This arrangement will not only allow the crate to be dark inside but also a perfect hideout for an anxious pooch. Like we described earlier that the dark and silent place can help an anxious pooch to get calm.

Adding to the fact, this soft sided dog crate also stops loud noises from entering inside. It is a soundproof dog crate which is desirable. It will not only save the dog from loud noises i.e. firecrackers, thunderbolt, etc. but also save you from the dog whining.

However, some pooches stop whining if you ignore them which will be the case here. On the contrary, you will have to be concerned if the pooch does not stop whining.

Therefore, the dog crate cover will restrict the brightness and unwanted loud noises from entering. It makes the Amazon dog crate the best dog crate for separation anxiety in economical range. However, the apparent kennel will not dampen the shocks like the vix dog crate which can also make some dogs anxious.

Pros & Cons of Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate

There are pros and cons of every product that you purchase. Sometimes, the pros outperform the cons which makes you buy the product in the first place. Otherwise, the cons of the product are the only thing that makes the product even more beneficial to you.

For example, if a bucket has an opening hole then it is a drawback. But it is an advantage if you use it a plant watering can.

  • Suitable for all pooches with calm temperament.
  • Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate is for separation anxiety, an anxious pooch will feel calmer inside.
  • Amazon dog crate is a soundproof dog crate.
  • It is a dog travel crate, perfect for the car rides.
  • Ventilation nets on every wall and on the roof is a great provision.
  • Dark mesh net is a translucent material which is desirable.
  • Easy to set up and fold down.
  • Easy to wash. A perfect potty training dog crate.
  • PVC pipe frame is lightweight and sturdy.
  • Heavy duty dog crate zippers makes opening/closing the door smooth.
  • Not for dogs who are inquisitive, rambunctious, have mouthing habit.
  • Although the floor is softly padded the dog will need a dog crate bed.
  • PVC frame will tend to loosen from the joints.

Final Word for AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate

The AmazonBasics Soft Dog Crate is suitable for the calm dogs. It is not a product to hold an inquisitive, boisterous, or a rambunctious pooch. Additionally, you shall not use this crate for a dog having mouthing habit.

In addition to that, it is a safe haven for a dog suffering from separation anxiety or anxiety due to loud noises. Because the Soft AmazonBasics Dog Crate does not allow extreme light exposure and loud noises inside.

Therefore, you know the soft sided dog crate suits the small and medium-sized dog breeds more than the larger breed. But it not necessary that you cannot use this kennel for the large pooches. You shall use the perfect size kennel suitable to the large pooch if he likes staying inside for a while. And that is only possible if he is calm or crate trained.

The EndNote

Therefore, two of the AmazonBasics Dog Crate series you saw in this review i.e. the metal wire dog crate & the soft dog crate. Additionally, feel free to ask us any query via the comment section below, we will be happy to solve.


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