Beautiful European island is over 20C in December and ‘best’ time to visit is winter | Travel News | Travel

Beautiful European island is over 20C in December and ‘best’ time to visit is winter | Travel News | Travel

As the weather is getting frostier and colder, many people are looking for some relaxing holiday destinations to get a dose of sun this winter. 

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands located off the coast of Spain, which on average has a temperature of between 18C to 22C degrees in December during the day, with temperature being around 13C to 17C at night. 

Emily Luxton, a travel destination expert, has said she is “pretty well convinced” the “best” time to travel to Lanzarote is the offseason between November and February due to the wonderful weather. 

On her blog, Emily explained: “It’s still warm enough to swim, but not so hot that you need to spend all your time within diving-in-distance of a pool! 

“The cooler weather is ideal for sightseeing, walking the coast path, and hiking amidst volcanoes in Timanfaya National Park.” 

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Lanzarote is known for its unique yet beautiful landscape which experienced a series of volcanic eruptions in the 18th century that has had a lasting impact on the land. 

Timanfaya National Park is known for its otherworldly yet volcanic scenery as the park has an almost Martian-like environment due to its lava craters and cones. 

The national park also features the Fire Mountains, a series of volcanoes where visitors can witness demonstrations by professionals of incredible steam eruptions from boreholes. Plus, visitors can have fun on a guided tour with the park’s camel rides, which are well-adapted to the rugged terrain. 

Another incredible place to visit is the Jameos del Agua, an underground volcanic tunnel featuring a natural lagoon as well as man-made gardens and a garden hall. 

This amazing design was created by César Manrique, a famous artist who has had a major influence on the island’s buildings and many of his unique attractions can be found all over Lanzarote. 

Lanzarote is also known for its winemaking tradition in the La Geria Region, in which vineyards are planted in small craters and volcanic soil to conserve more moisture. 

The island’s unique vineyards have made it a popular wine destination and there are many wine tours at local wineries in the area. The most popular is El Grifo Bodega, which is the oldest in the Canary Islands. 

Lanzarote is a picturesque place to hike in the cooler winter weather and is also known for its golden beaches, making it a fun place to both explore and relax.

Now in December, Lanzarote is hosting a series of Christmas markets, with the most popular being in Arrecife, the island’s capital, which will sell the island’s wine as well as cheeses and other delicious food.

However, anyone who holds off and waits to visit Lanzarote will not only experience warm weather but will be just in time for Los Reyes Magos, a significant festival in Spain celebrated on January 6 to celebrate the Three Wise Men who gifted baby Jesus with a series of gifts when he was born. 

During the festival, parades will be hosted all over Lanzarote in which people will dress up as the Three Kings and there will be floats, dancers, musicians as well as other performers who often throw sweets to the crowd. 

A traditional cake called Rosca de Reye will also be available to eat during the holiday, It is a wreath-shaped sweet which often has a small figurine of a baby Jesus baked inside of it, and it is said whoever finds the figurine will have good luck for the rest of the year. 

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