#BII24 Preview: Your Guide To Engaging Elusive, Anonymous B2B Buyers

#BII24 Preview: Your Guide To Engaging Elusive, Anonymous B2B Buyers

Modern buying cycles are deceptively short — B2B buyers don’t initiate contact with sales until they’re about 70% through their buying journey and, 84% of the time, they already know what vendor they’re going to pick once they surface. With more than two-thirds of the buyer’s journey conducted anonymously, practitioners need to channel their inner private investigators to uncover clues that help them track, identify and understand the ever-elusive B2B buyer.

To aid with those efforts, there are various tools and strategies marketers can deploy to get ahead of their competition, and we’ll reveal them all the 2024 Buyer Insights & Intelligence Series! Throughout the three-day event, we’ll magnify:

  • Advanced analytics tools that help uncover hidden patterns in buyer behavior to enable hyper-personalized marketing messages and content at scale;
  • How to identify businesses actively researching solutions related to a company’s offerings;
  • The shift away from individual leads to a more holistic understanding of accounts, which involves gathering insights on different decision-makers within a target company and tailoring message accordingly;
  • The power of their first-party data — such as website analytics, CRM data and customer surveys — in providing a unique understanding of existing customer needs and preferences; and
  • The importance of mapping out touch points along the buyer’s journey to create targeted content and interventions to guide buyers toward a purchase

We’re just about three weeks away from the (free) webinar series, and we wanted to give you a little glimpse into what you can expect!

Where Are The B2B Buyers? And How Do We Find Them?

Organizations are quickly realizing that running AI with poor data can create unintended mysteries. To successfully use AI to find elusive buyers, practitioners need to go beyond messy CRM data and run their AI with clean, accurate data to pull everyone together into a crack detective team that works with accurate, real-time buyer intent signals.

In this session, ZoomInfo sales and marketing leaders will share practical ways to combine AI with high-quality data for better sleuthing and results, as well as actionable use cases.

Mastering Intent Signals: From Noise To Revenue

B2B revenue professionals are constantly bombarded with data, insights and metrics in a bid to provide context around their buyers and drive revenue growth. But amidst all that noise, how can teams find the valuable signals?

This webinar — featuring Lihi Chizik, Product Marketing Manager at Salesloft — will discuss strategies for cutting through the noise to gain valuable buyer insights and intelligence, with a focus on how marketers can take the first step toward mastering the art of signal detection in the B2B landscape.

B2B Buyers Want A Better Purchasing Experience — Get The ABM Framework That Delivers It

B2B buyers are more informed and more demanding than ever before — and as a result, they expect a personalized and seamless experience from start to finish. In this session, we’ll revisit a B2B Marketing Exchange keynote led by Steve Armenti, who previously ran global demand gen for Chrome Enterprise at Google. With several demand and growth leadership positions under his belt, Armenti focused on how to build demand and growth teams that drive revenue with a focus on ABM.

Uncovering The Blind Spots In The B2B Tech Buying Journey

With most of the buying process conducted independently, tech vendors are tasked with building silent influence that shapes pre-contact purchase requirements with buyers. And, once contact is initiated, they then have to fast-track the decision-making process and displace competitors.

Ross Howard, Director of Product Marketing for Inbox Insight, will walk attendees through new research that uncovers the crucial touchpoints in the buying process that have traditionally been unknown to vendors. His webinar will focus on how marketers can scaffold out effective tactics around the buyer’s journey and leverage intent to enhance accuracy and precision.

Turning Data Into Dollars: Unleashing DTC Insights For B2B Growth

The B2B Marketing Exchange was chock full of B2B buying insights, so it’s only natural we’re bringing you another replay! Tara Clever, SVP of Marketing & Partnerships at MarginEdge, explored the dynamic world of DTC marketing and unveiled its hidden potential for supercharging B2B growth. Throughout her discussion, she’ll share a new lens on metrics and attribution to help you learn how to choose metrics that more closely align sales and marketing priorities and make marketing a powerful profit center.

Creating An Engagement Loop Via Interactive Experiences, Targeted Content & Engagement Data

To make marketing content more effective, impactful and fun while gathering a wealth of engagement data, practitioners need to create an engagement loop. The key is interactive experiences via the Ceros platform, which deliver longer time on page, increased conversions and higher project win rates — all while tracking the numbers needed to better understand an audience.

In this session, the Emerald Studio team will discuss best practices for creating interactive assets that can fuel demand gen, connect with multiple personas in one asset and capture insights for refining messaging and content development.

Orchestrating Human-Centric B2B Marketing: A Practical Blueprint For AI-Powered Team Success

In today’s AI-driven landscape, the true competitive advantage lies not in the technology itself but in how it’s leveraged to enhance the human experience. Join Daniel Englebretson, AI Strategist and creator of the “Rule of 100” framework, as he unveils a practical blueprint for empowering B2B marketing teams to orchestrate highly relevant, authentic and contextual campaigns that put the human experience at the center.

Throughout this discussion, Englebretson will touch on how to foster a mindset shift across organizations to foster a better understanding of the AI’s potential in enhancing human-centric marketing, as well as adapt marketing strategies that best leverage AI capabilities.

It’s all going down from July 15-17 — make sure to register now so you don’t miss a session!

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