Dying Light 2 Stay Human gets festive with a winter celebration

Dying Light 2 Stay Human gets festive with a winter celebration

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is kicking off a winter celebration on December 19, with the Gifts from Above event.

During this time, the city will be adorned with seasonal decorations, there will be Santa Airdrops, and you can fight Uncle Snow for presents.

There are also goals to be met and rewards to be won, including the Winter Elf gear and outfit as well as the Gingerbread Infected Charm.

You can also play a visit to Baka’s Winter Market store by the Bazaar, and gather all sorts of Sweets by killing Naughty Infected. The latter may even be caught wearing seasonal getups.

New festive items will comes to the game around the time of the Winter Tales. Some of them are assembled in Grim Santa Bundle complete with the Grim Santa Outfit, Gear, Paraglider, and North Polearm weapon and a blueprint available in the in-game store for 500 DL Points.

Techland is also giving out Hakon Bundle for free, as part of the Winter Tales Event, starting on December 19.

Speaking ofthe Winter Tales Update, it will include new enemy variants, new weapons, and surprises such as exploding knives and shurikens, more finishers, and the long-awaited PS5 cross-gen save. With the majority of the significant new content coming in the next update, this one is ready to do its best to tide you over.

The Gifts from Above event will come to a close on January 5.

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