Fairy Tale To Beach, 3 Popular Wedding Themes Growing Popular Now

Fairy Tale To Beach, 3 Popular Wedding Themes Growing Popular Now

Theme-based weddings are a bit more expensive than traditional weddings.

People are gradually choosing a theme for their weddings depending on their budget in small and big cities.

Marriages in India are not just unions of two individuals but the convergence of two families celebrated with grandeur and festivity. Traditionally extravagant affairs, modern weddings are witnessing a shift towards themed celebrations that reflect the couple’s style and preferences. The concept of theme weddings involves crafting all decorations around a specific theme, offering a unique and personalized touch to the festivities. Couples, both in small and large cities, are increasingly embracing this trend based on their budget constraints. Various themes cater to diverse tastes, allowing the bride and groom to curate an ambience that resonates with their vision for the special day. Let’s explore some of the popular wedding themes gaining traction in India.

Fairytale Wedding Theme: If both the bride and groom like fairy tales or have read books or watched movies related to them, then they can choose a fairy tale wedding theme. In a fairytale-themed wedding, a lot of importance is given to light colours like pink, white, grey, light blue, etc. This theme can be a perfect idea for girls who do not like pastel colours. One can also get a special photo shoot done by wearing fake feathers in a light pink or white lehenga.

Rajshahi Wedding Theme: Another special type of wedding theme is the Rajshahi wedding. In this case, the wedding venue is exactly like a royal palace. The wedding pandal and mandap that are decorated can be made similar to the look of a palace. Organisers use big carpets and chandeliers to beautify the location. Apart from that, people also go for destination weddings in places like Udaipur, Mysore, Jaipur, and Jaisalmer. These places have forts and places that can be used as wedding venues. Many celebrities have also done a similar kind of wedding.

Beach Wedding Theme: If both the bride and the groom love water, then they can also go for a beach-themed wedding. There are many hotels and resorts in the coastal cities that offer the option of holding a beach wedding. Usually, beach weddings have a smaller number of guests and are done more quietly. A beautiful mandapa can be made along the sea, where the main wedding can take place. Beaches can also be one of the best locations for sundowners.

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