• This stunning Maybach 6 Cabriolet replica is based around a Mercedes SL 500.
  • The open-top recreation features all-new bodywork and is painted in a special shade of blue.
  • The interior has also been retrimmed in cream-colored leather.

At Monterey Car Week in 2017, Mercedes-Maybach unveiled the glamorous 6 Cabriolet concept. Many had hoped a production version of this concept would be launched, but it’s now almost seven years later, and such a sexy convertible Maybach is nowhere to be seen – that’s unless you go to Russia.

This stunning replica of the Maybach 6 Cabriolet is built around an R230-generation Mercedes SL 500 and has undergone comprehensive bodywork modifications to transform it and make it look unlike any other Mercedes on the road.

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The entire front end has been overhauled with handmade parts and now sports a large chrome grille with vertical slats just like the concept. The car also features a chrome accent running across the lower part of the bumper and also includes slim headlights, like those of the concept. A Mercedes-Benz badge sits proudly on the hood.

The shop behind this replica has also crafted new front and rear quarter panels for it as well as new rocker panels and skirts. It even has multi-spoke wheels almost identical to those of the 2017 study. Various changes have also been made to the rear of the SL and it now includes an elongated trunk lid and thin LED taillights with a light bar. There’s also a chrome strip running across the bumper and a large Maybach badge.

Mercedes-Maybach’s original 6 Cabriolet concept was much longer than an SL of the day and while it’s hard to tell if this replica is as long as the concept, all of the proportions look good. Like the concept, the car has been repainted blue and the interior has been retrimmed in cream-colored leather.

Last year, Mercedes announced that Maybach would start to build limited-run vehicles and could even produce one-offs like Rolls-Royce has done. Will we see a one-off, road-legal version of the Maybach 6 Cabriolet made by Mercedes itself? That’s unknown at this stage, and until we find out, this nicely executed replica will have to suffice.

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