Getting A Cat? What You’ll Need As A New Pet Owner

Getting A Cat? What You’ll Need As A New Pet Owner

Congratulations on the thought of wanting to get a cat! Every animal, be it a cat or any other pet, deserves to be in the loving warmth of a home. This choice that you’re making is a very significant one. Let it be known, too, that you’re up ahead for exciting times of your life. Having a cat in your home, is, in essence, like having a brand new baby. As happy as the thought may be, do note also that responsible cat ownership carries with it duties that you have to comply with.

Cats are incredibly emotional animals. You wouldn’t want yours to feel detached or uncared for. If you’re serious about owning or adopting a cat, here are some essential tips for you to keep in mind:

1. Gradually Introduce Your Cat To Your Home

Just like any other animal, cats also need some time to adjust to the new home that they’re in. Don’t expect this adjustment to be fast and easy. It may take time, too, so it’s your job to help introduce them to their new home gradually. Cats are animals that get attached to their surrounding. So if they’ve been there a long time before you take them home, it may be unsettling for them in the first few days.

Here are some tips to follow, when introducing your cat to its new home:

  • Place the litter box, bed, scratching post, food, and water, right away in the room that you intend for the cat to sleep in. This can help make the adjustment easier.
  • Introduce your cat to the different rooms in your house, only one or two at a time. Else, they’ll only feel even more lost and overwhelmed.
  • If they find refuge under chairs, couches, or beds during the first few days, let them be. Soon, they’ll be able to adjust and feel comfortable in your home.

2. Feed Your Cat With Healthy Food

Just as you would your kids, always remember that in choosing what to feed your cat, you must make the healthiest choice possible. Food has a significant impact on the overall health and well being of your cat, just as it would with any other animal.

Remember these tips, when choosing what to give your cat:

  • If the cat already has health issues when you adopted them, ask for the help of a veterinarian in choosing their food.
  • If you know the brand of food the cat used to eat before you adopted it, continue to give them small amounts of the same food before switching, to make the transition process easier for them, too.
  • If your cat is under one year old or is still a kitten, remember to feed them with kitten formula, as they also need this high-calorie diet.

If you’re worried about the expense, don’t worry. Cat food doesn’t always have to be expensive. For example, a cheaper cat food may just be as filled with nutrients, as its more expensive counterparts. Plus, this is great also when you’re still trying to discover what type of cat food your feline friend really prefers.

3. Surround Your Cat With Scents Familiar To Them

a british shorthair on an apartment floor

To ease out the moving in process, you may also want to surround the cat with scents that are already familiar to them. Before you bring home the cat, you can ask the previous owner or the institution from which you’re adopting the cat as to its history. That way, you’re giving your cat a sense of familiarity while also adjusting to the new surroundings.

When the cat has already grown attached to you, whenever you leave them at home, you may also want to leave things that smell like you. Especially in the early days of the adjustment. That way, they won’t be too in distress when you leave the house.

4. Choose Their Food Dish And Water Bowls

Before you start shopping for toys and whatnot, you may also want to focus on the basics. The food dish and water bowl are two of the most important things that you’re going to give your cat. The choice should also be highly dependent on the size of your cat. That way, meal times also aren’t going to be too hard for them.

Keep in mind these pointers, when selecting food dishes and water bowls:

  • Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are ideal. These bowls don’t keep odor and are also the easiest to clean.
  • Buy two water bowls, to encourage your cat to drink more. That way, you can put the two bowls in two different locations.

5. Make Sure Your Home Is Cat-Friendly And Free Of Hazards

cat under a quilt

The last thing that you’d want when you first bring home the cat is for it to get injured because of some hazard that you failed to remove. Adjusting to a new home is already tough enough for them. More so when they feel as if they’re in a dangerous space.

Here are tips to make your home a safe place for your new feline friend:

  • Keep the doors and windows closed at all times if you intend to keep your cat indoors.
  • Remove any poisonous plants that you may have in your backyard if you intend to allow your cat to roam in your yard.
  • Close any crawl spaces that your cat may be able to access.
  • Never leave sharp objects or fragile objects within reach of your cat.

6. Have A Litter Box For Your Cat

Having a litter box is one of the easiest ways for you also to transition to having a cat in your home. This is where your cat is going to pee and urinate. With a litter box, it’s more manageable for you to clean up the dirt and waste of your cat. Soon enough, your cat will also learn that the litter box is the right place for them to urinate or poo.

Here are a few things to know regarding litter boxes:

  • If you have multiple cats, have one litter box for each cat.
  • Make sure that the size of your litter box is comfortable enough for the size of your cat.
  • Stick with the type and brand of cat litter that works for your cat, once you’ve figured it out. This reduces the chances of your cat, avoiding the litter box.


how to make your cat happy

If you’re going to be a new cat owner, it’s normal that you’re going to have a lot of questions running through your mind. Naturally, so because you’re still naïve, and despite the excitement, there’s also going to be your fears. With these tips, hopefully, your questions may have been answered, and your worries lessened. Cats are some of the most loving animals. Take it day by day, too, like when you first bring home your baby and become a parent. After reading this, your cat is going to be one lucky feline, for having an owner that truly cares for their well-being.

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