GoPro Dog Harness Review – See the World From Your Dog’s POV

GoPro Dog Harness Review – See the World From Your Dog’s POV

While looking for the most comfortable dog harness in the market, we bumped into this GoPro Dog Harness – Fetch.

Well, don’t get fooled by its name!

For those who are thinking what does GoPro have to do with a dog harness, well, it’s not a harness to take your dog on the walks. It may sound like one, but in fact, it is a GoPro mount for your GoPro Action Camera!

While there are people who love to record their own adventure activities with GoPro, on the other hand, there are people who love to record each and every move of their dog too.

For such dog enthusiasts, the Fetch from GoPro is a boon.

It makes recording the activity of your dog seamless and hassle-free. And it is even great for people who love to pursue adventures with their dogs.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness


The GoPro Dog Harness allows you to realize the world the way your dog sees it. These are the ultimate GoPro mounts to know the way your dog senses the world with its own eyes.

Why Go with GoPro Fetch Dog Harness against the Orthodox Filming

You might have been filming your dog doing a lot of funny things with your phone, camera or other devices. However, it may seem cool but there is a problem!

These methods allow you to capture the moment as you see it. It is your own perspective. It does not allow you to see the way your dog perceives it.

For example, suppose someone is filming you climbing a mountain. The video might look good at first sight, but does it make you recall or get the same thrilling feeling while you were performing those actions? Unfortunately, it does not.

But if you are wearing your GoPro mount while performing the same adventure, the recording is something different. GoPro mounts allow the viewer to see and experience the whole adventure as they themselves were at your place. Such a thing is called Point of View recording, which is the ultimate reason for the rise in action camera users.

Filming your dog running on the beaches or fetching the stick you threw at him has its own fun. It’s great for fun-loving pups that are cheerful and always seeking something amusing.

The Design of GoPro Dog Harness- Fetch

Let us take a deeper look at how this action camera mount has been designed.

Two Camera Mounting Points

GoPro Fetch Action Camera Harness

The GoPro Dog Harness consists of two mounting points for your action camera. You can mount it either on the chest or back of the dog.

The reason for two different mounts is to allow you to capture various activities. Such that you can capture all these dog activities from a comfortable perspective.

The mount on the chest allows capturing more grounded activities like chewing, digging holes or other actions by the dog’s front paws.

While the mount on the top of the dog’s back allows you to capture mobile activities such as running or jumping.

It takes seamless videos of your dog with the perfect perspective so you don’t have to worry about fixing the camera angles making it one of the best GoPro dog harness.

GoPro Fetch Water

While your GoPro Action Camera is already waterproof, the GoPro Dog Harness also comes with water-friendly materials. Such that no matter if it gets wet or dirty in the mud, the GoPro mounts will not itch the dog.

Your dog can still wear it very comfortably in the pool as well. This will let you capture the amazing swimming actions of your little pup.

Because of such features, you can wash GoPro mounts in the washer without worries and it will come out the same as brand new!

This best GoPro mount comes with soft padding on the places where it comes in contact with the dog’s body. Such padding keeps the dog comfy all the time.

The GoPro mounts are comfortable for dogs when they are walking, running or even sitting. Moreover, the GoPro Dog Harness can be easily put on and off for effortless use.

Safe GoPro Mount for Your Action Camera

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness Design

Whatever action your dog does, the camera must be safe at all times. The dogs are always packed with so much energy that it gets tough to control them single-handedly.

To make sure that the camera does not get damaged while it is mounted on the dog’s body, the GoPro Dog Harness comes with a camera tether. Which allows you to attach the camera to a string for extra safety. This will make sure that even if the camera gets off from the mount, it will still be hanging to the harness.

Furthermore, the harness also features easy to fix and remove base for camera mounting.

Supports Dog’s of All Size

The GoPro Dog Harness is suitable for dogs weighing from 15 to 120 lbs. You can use it for small pups to large sized dogs.

To make sure that GoPro mounts snuggly fit smaller dogs, you can remove the chest plate on the harness for extra comfort.

  • Allows you to take mesmerizing impromptu videos without efforts.
  • Two mounting points for your action camera on the chest and on the back of the dog to capture various activities from a comfortable perspective.
  • Water-friendly GoPro mounts let you capture amazing underwater footage.
  • Soft padding to keep your dog comfy all the time.
  • Camera tether to make sure that the camera does not fall off completely and add to its security.
  • You can use this GoPro Fetch Dog Harness for small pups to large sized dogs.
  • You can configure it to use with other GoPro mounts as well.
  • Also, it is easy to clean.
  • This GoPro mounts straps are slippery and often fall off from dog’s body although the quality of straps is fine.
  • Bigger dogs may knock off the cameras.

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The Verdict

The videos taken on GoPro Dog Harness are completely impromptu. You never know what kind of footage you are going to get.

Sometimes the footage completely takes you off by surprise. Moreover, you get fun footage without putting an effort!

Thus we’ll say that it’s a must-buy product for those who love to film their pets all the time, as it makes filming so much fun and easy!

So this was our unbiased review of GoPro Dog Harness – Fetch, one of the best GoPro Mounts. If you have any further queries regarding the product, contact us without any hesitation.

Because at petlovesbest, we always wish the best for your pup and you!

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