Has The Tesla Model S Plaid Met Its Match With A 950 WHP Porsche 911 Turbo S?

Has The Tesla Model S Plaid Met Its Match With A 950 WHP Porsche 911 Turbo S?

While this turbocharged Porsche still has slightly less power than the Tesla, it does weigh significantly less


by Brad Anderson

9 hours ago

 Has The Tesla Model S Plaid Met Its Match With A 950 WHP Porsche 911 Turbo S?

Beating a Tesla Model S Plaid at the drag strip has proven to be a very, very difficult task, usually requiring a heavily modified supercar pumping out much more horsepower than it left the factory with, like this 911 Turbo S.

A standard 911 Turbo S is extraordinarily quick, but it still has almost 400 hp less than the Model S Plaid, putting it at a significant disadvantage. This particular 911 Turbo S featured by Drag Times has been upgraded with new turbochargers, filters, intercoolers, exhaust, and has a tune, allowing it to churn out 950 hp at the wheels. This should give it a good chance against the Model S which produces 1,020 hp from the factory.

The first race is incredibly close. Both cars launch off the line at an incredible pace, although the Tesla does get a slightly better start. It ultimately crossed the quarter-mile mark in 9.567 seconds at 144.35 mph (232.30 km/h) compared to the 9.639-second time of the Porsche at 147.86 mph (237.95 km/h).

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It’s then time for the Porsche to shine. In the second race, the driver of the 911 absolutely nailed the launch, leaving the Tesla in his wake and setting a time of 9.416 seconds at 148.64 mph (239.21 km/h) compared to the 9.529 of the Model S Plaid at 144.92 mph (233.22 km/h).

The third and final race is equally as competitive but much like the second race, the Porsche got the better launch and set its quickest time of the drag, a 9.381-second quarter-mile at 148.89 mph (239.61 km/h) whereas the Model S Plaid needed 9.556 seconds at 145.53 mph (234.20 km/h).

It’s hard not to still be blown away by the Model S Plaid. It is a luxurious, five-seater with room for the whole family and yet it can outsprint pretty much every other production car on the planet. Given the choice between the Tesla or a 950 hp Porsche, however, we’d go with the 911 every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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