How to Stop Dog from Pulling on Leash? | Stop the Ill Behavior

How to Stop Dog from Pulling on Leash? | Stop the Ill Behavior

Many things on the streets can intrigue the dogs ranging from scents, food, people, cats, other dogs, etc. Which makes even some of the most obedient dogs very anxious/excited enough to drag you along. However, your dog won’t drag you when you use these methods. It will stop the dog from pulling without any physical or psychological side effects.

Dog Pulling While on Leash

Every dog has a huge source of energy which is one of the major reasons humans own them as pets. In the same manner, the dogs get curious about anything either living or inanimate. In fact, the dogs would go nuts if he starts getting the scents of other dogs or the food.

In this case, the dogs can easily drag their owners if they want to chase something, someone, or some scent. At that point in time, even the obedient dogs will tend to ignore the very command you had taught them nicely.

Therefore, the proper reinforcements and training become important, especially for the stubborn pooches. Having said that, you should consider these methods to stop the dog from pulling on the leash.

Methods to Avoid the Dogs Pulling on Leash

Dogs have the natural tendency to chase the things which intrigue them especially the scents. However, this is just a habit every dog has and it is easy to change this very habit.

Well, changing the habits won’t be easy if you consider only using the treats or verbal commands. There are some strict methods to train the dogs without even hurting them.

Training the Dog

Having said that, there are many dog training methods which are reliable for solving the problem of the misbehaved dogs. It includes using treats and verbal commands as positive reinforcement or using specific dog training collars with treats as positive reinforcements.

1. Using Treats as Positive Reinforcements

dog does tricks with the treats

All the dogs respond nicely when you involve the treat rewards in the training. It includes your active participation by commanding easy to understand words. Thereafter staying strict with giving the treats only for the best attempts. Lastly, patting him to appreciate and feeding him the treat after putting on your hand.

It is the best method of teaching the dog to obey your instructions in general aspect. In contrast to obeying the commands, the dogs who obey the commands indoors may or may not necessarily do the same outdoors.

2. Using Collars

Training collars are very popular for teaching the dog to heel obediently. These collars focus on getting the dog to a point where the distraction won’t tempt him more than your company. In fact, it will discipline him without even applying many efforts.

There are different collars which are specifically meant for training the dogs without getting loud or inhumane. You can see the uses of different collars in the next section.

Types of No Pulling Dog Collar

Coming to the best no pull dog collar types, there are three types of dog collar useful for walk training the dog.

Slip Collars

dog no pull collar

Slip collars are commonly known as the choke collars. Its function goes by its name, the collar is meant for choking the dog. Nonetheless, it neither hurts his neck/spine(in case of flat collars) nor his tracheal organs.

Generally, the choke collar has the loop-chain mechanism which contracts if the dog pulls and expands when he relaxes. Hence, the dog will choke himself to the point whenever he tries to pull. In fact, it is safe because the dog himself cannot strangle/choke himself.

Head Collars

best dog collar

Here we have the best type of no pull dog collar, which fits on the dog’s face. It will neither be painful for the dog nor frustrating. As the matter of fact, this method will help you control even the strongest of dogs without applying much of efforts.

Moreover, the head collars are similar to the halters(used for controlling horses) and effective too.

Prong Collars

dog collar for training

Moving to the last no pull dog collar type i.e. the prong/pinch collar. It has the design of a martingale dog collar and has pins pointed inwards. Hence, the pins will poke the dog’s neck mildly when he pulls hard.

The sudden insertion of pins on his fur can even get the strongest dogs on control. However, using the collar will require utmost care. Because you are responsible and clever enough to use it positively and not in a punitive manner.

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The EndNote

To conclude the topic, stopping the dogs pulling while on leash is impractical if you use treats and verbal commands to correct him. Rather using the collars will be better and more effective for both you and the dog.

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