Huddle Global expo showcases Kerala startup ecosystem’s diversity

Huddle Global expo showcases Kerala startup ecosystem’s diversity

Thiruvananthapuram: An exhibition of innovative products displayed at Huddle Global 2023, the seaside conclave of Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) that began at Adimalathura near here on Thursday, showcases the diversity of the growing startup ecosystem in the southern state.

The products on display include those from cutting-edge domains like EduTech, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, FinTech, Life Science, SpaceTech, HealthTech, Blockchain, IoT, e-Governance, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Robotics.

The fifth edition of the annual expo, which concludes on Saturday, also features humanoid robots, autonomous drones, medical devices and energy-saving technology products.

A major attraction at the expo is the Aakri app, a solution for residents confused about disposing of biomedical waste. If you register on the app, their representatives will come to your home and collect the refuse, including e-waste, apart from biomedical waste. The app, which also features solutions to prevent food wastage and ways to keep cities clean, can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Bandicoot Mini, the new product of Gen Robotics, which revolutionised India’s urban sanitation landscape with its robotics scavenger, is another big draw at the expo.

The expo also showcased Fireball of NRI Club Services, an easy-to-use device that self-explodes and extinguishes fire in homes, cars, offices or factories. Unlike heavy fire extinguishers, Fireball requires no special training, and even toddlers can easily handle it. As soon as the ball senses the fire, it bursts and extinguishes it. It will work even when people are not present.

Extra G Club Pvt Ltd has exhibited products to enhance students’ excellence in science and mathematics.

Apart from the experience centres, the expo features innovative technologies from government institutes and research and development organisations.

The Kufos Business Incubation Centre’s value-added seafood products, NIIST’s agro-processing techniques, CPCRI’s stall of agricultural resources, and Jakoby Chocolates’ variety of products also make the expo attractive.

The expo allows the participants, including around 150 startups from various Indian states, to directly interact with the leading people in the technical and industrial sectors and for investors to find the best startups to support.

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