LinkedIn Introduces Sales Navigator AI-Assisted Search & Account IQ

LinkedIn Introduces Sales Navigator AI-Assisted Search & Account IQ

LinkedIn Sales Solutions (LSS) leverages people-powered data and insights to help sales organizations focus on accounts with the most opportunity and develop relationships with buyers at scale. LinkedIn Sales Insights assists sales operations with planning while Sales Navigator allows sales teams to target, understand and engage the people and accounts needed to bring plans to life seamlessly.

The Lowdown

LinkedIn is building on its AI foundations and reimagining how sellers can use Sales Navigator with a pilot of two new generative AI features – AI-assisted search and Account IQ – that are designed to make account research and lead prospecting more effective.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

LinkedIn is introducing AI-assisted search, which includes a new generative AI interface that enables sellers to use its existing search functionality more efficiently by entering casual, conversational language search prompts. In addition to generating better and faster results, this new experience intends to provide sellers recommendations for search prompts that can help uncover warm connections.

LinkedIn is also introducing Account IQ, which uses generative AI to gather key information across different sources and create an easily digestible summary directly in Sales Navigator. Instead of having to search for information across many different places, with one click, sellers can use Account IQ to understand key highlights about an account in a single view. 

Who It’s For

The feature is designed to help sellers globally complete day-to-day tasks faster so they can focus on what’s most important — deeply understanding customers’ needs and challenges and building relationships.

What It Solves

Globally, sellers are spending much more time on administrative and non-selling tasks than actually selling. LinkedIn’s two new generative AI features for Sales Navigator are designed to simplify and streamline two of the most critical, yet time-intensive, parts of the sales process: Finding leads and researching accounts.

What Makes It Special

Account IQ and AI-assisted search provide sellers with access to real-time information and enable them to tap into the power of LinkedIn’s more than 900 million member community. 



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