Little-known Spain law that could see tourists fined €200 for shopping | Europe | Travel

Little-known Spain law that could see tourists fined €200 for shopping | Europe | Travel

Anyone who likes to do a bit of shopping whilst on holiday in Spain has been warned that purchasing certain things could see you slapped with a hefty fine if you’re caught breaking it. 

Knowing about the local laws and regulations when you’re going on holiday is crucial, not just because it’ll keep you out of trouble but also as a sign of respect for your destination. 

Some of these are more widely known than others. And one of these, which Spanish officials are cracking down on, surrounds buying ‘fake’ designer gear from street sellers.

New research by Haypp has shown that 80% of people are unaware of the changing laws that apply abroad, so the team has put together some of the most important ones that you may not already know about.

And a warning goes out to holiday shoppers who love to purchase the odd ‘fake’ handbag on the beach during the summer, as this has been banned. In an effort to remove unlicensed street sellers from the tourist strips, Spain has announced a €200 fine (£170) to any tourist caught buying from them.

The government has announced this in an attempt to reduce the sale of illegal items – so be careful next time you’re browsing any ‘fakes’ this summer.

With that in mind, here are a few more little-known laws that everyone should be aware of during holiday season this year.

Urinating in the sea

It’s safe to say the majority of people will have taken a quick trip to the sea for a wee at some point in their life. However, a northern city in Spain, Vigo, introduced a ban on anyone urinating in the sea.

If caught, the person would face a fine of up to £640. Even though the ban is in place it’s not clear how the authorities are monitoring it, but it’s recommended to avoid doing this.


Vape laws are constantly changing, not just in the UK, but around the world.

Australia, Thailand, and Turkey are just some of the countries that have completely banned disposable vapes. If anyone is caught with a vape where it’s illegal, then they could be facing a fine of up to £2,000 or even worse, a prison sentence.

Crossing the road

The simple act of crossing the road could land people with hefty fines if they are travelling to Germany, Switzerland, Australia or the USA this summer.

The act, also known as ‘jaywalking’, is put in place to reduce any accidents, and any tourists seen crossing the road in undesignated areas will be fined.

Wearing swim gear

Swimming attire should be left by the pool or beachside this summer. Whilst many people might think it’s ok to walk around in their bikini or swimming shorts, many popular holiday destinations, such as Spain, Italy and Croatia actually prohibit walking around in swimwear – with fines of up to €500 given to anyone seen in swimwear in public areas.

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