Looking To End the Year in Style? Jet Off to These 5 Places For The Perfect Holiday

Looking To End the Year in Style? Jet Off to These 5 Places For The Perfect Holiday

Holidaying has never looked this good, has it? (In frame: Radisson Resorts and Suites, Thailand)

Wrap up the year with a dive into Koh Tao’s underwater wonders or witness whales leaping from the sea- in Sri Lanka with these escapes

As December draws closer, it’s time to dust off your backpacks and swap your laptops for your passport. The cherry on top is that Sri Lanka and Thailand will now allow Indian tourists to enjoy a visa-free entry in the country as well! If you plan to end 2023 with a lavish retreat, tmhen CRED escapes has curated a list of 5 places you can add to your bucket list, for you and your loved ones to travel to make the most of 2023.

  1. GoaGoa is all set in December to entertain tourists. Goa is hosting The Serendipity Arts Festival from 15-23 December combining a diverse array of creative energies. Being one of the most coveted New Year holiday destinations, this town has everything you would need to end the year on a high note- delectable seafood, raging parties, and serene beaches to rest at after the excitement.To make travelling easier, book a luxuriously comfortable stay through CRED escapes. We suggest the Hard Rock Hotel for a small group and Elivaas’ Luxurious Villa for a bigger one.
  2. Sri LankaDeriving its character through colonial architecture, ancient Buddhist temples, beachfront villages, Sri Lanka is ready to host your family. Book a boat ride at Mirissa and watch the surreal sights of whales jumping up aerobically in the water, or see leopards lounging around at the Yala National Park. You must also consider visiting The Dambulla Cave Temple or trekking up Adam’s Peak for a magnificent view.
  3. ThailandWith tropical beaches, stunning resorts and gorgeous landscapes, no wonder Thailand has topped the list for Indian travellers. Roam around Phuket with your girls, try the delicious dishes of Thailand and marvel at the Sino-Portuguese architecture of this old town. Go snorkeling around Similan Island, retire to a slow evening at the Phi Phi island and enjoy the sunsets from the Promthep Cape.
  4. MaldivesWhere do we even begin from? Maldives is the dream destination because of what it offers- breathtaking beauty and luxurious seclusion. Imagine waking up to crystal-clear turquoise waves, walking along pristine white beaches, and having breakfast in the infamous instagram-worthy floating trays. Go scuba diving with your partner during the day and pamper yourselves with a couple massages at dusk. Make the most of your holiday at Maldives, as you bask in the comfort of the sea.
  5. BaliThere is no other place like Bali. A dreamy destination well known for scenic rice terraces, culturally rich architectures and temples, as well as a stunning coastline, Bali draws tourists from around the world, for one taste of its exquisite cuisine and attractions. Indians have been eyeing the famous island, so much so that Vistara announced a direct flight to Bali from Delhi recently. Buy your swimsuit, book your resort and get that Mimosa you’ve been craving.Holidaying has never looked this good, has it?  Now let your biggest worry be getting your perfect Instagram shot and not looking for the perfect year-end party! Happy Travels!

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