Martingale Dog Collar Vs Regular Collar | Comparison of Better and More Useful

Martingale Dog Collar Vs Regular Collar | Comparison of Better and More Useful

In broad terms, both the martingale and regular collar impacts the dog’s neck! So why is it that only martingale collar is not harmful and the regular collar damages the tracheal part and neck of the dog?

Go through this article to find out the main reason behind the working of both martingale and regular collars.

Importance of Dog Collars

A dog collar is a must-have accessory to make your pet look better, also save him from getting lost, and training him. Yes, there are many dog collars which focus on training them apart from saving from getting lost and look cute.

Generally, we use the collars while taking the dogs out for a walk putting a leash on it. In addition to that, some parent uses the collars for their outdoor dogs with either GPS or contact details of themselves.

Apart from that, when we talk about the Martingale collars then we will get through the importance of training the dogs using collars too in the next section.

Regular Dog Collars

We have seen many types of dog collar right from the flat dog collars to the prong ones. All of these collars are meant for a specific use for the dogs. In this case, the flat collars are the regular ones which we will be comparing to the martingale collars.

The flat collars are the most popular and cheaply available collars many of us have used or still use. This type of collar is made of a wide range of materials i.e. nylon, leather, synthetic reinforced fiber, rubber, etc.

A flat collar will have a leash ring at the rear of the collar i.e. at the back of the dog’s head. It allows the user to tie the leash to the collar and take the dog on a walk. In fact, many pet parents put this collar most of the time on their dogs.

Pros/Cons of Using the Regular Dog Collar

Every dog collar will have one or the other drawbacks along with many advantgaes. Here, you can see which are the positive and negative points of the regular collar that set it ahead or behind the martingale dog collar.

  • Cheaply available everywhere.
  • Lasts longer than most other dog collars.
  • Useful for taking the dog for walks.
  • Affects trachea duct when the dog pulls hard or gets on his hind legs.
  • Keeping this collar for a long time(a general tendency of parents) can give the dog a scar.
  • Does not help in controlling the strong pullers.

Martingale Dog Collars

Coming to another dog collar which has a specific use – the martingale dog collar. The martingale collar will have two loops in total which are inter-linked. It will have a wide loop and a small loop. The wider loop is meant for the dog’s neck and smaller loop tightens the bigger loop via its end-rings.

anti-pull dog collar

Whereas the smaller loop will directly the leash as shown in the image. This arrangement allows the varying size of the bigger and smaller loop. The smaller loop will cause the contraction and expansion of the bigger loop.

best martingale collars

When the dog pulls firstly the smaller loop will open will cause the contraction of the bigger loop. Thereafter, the bigger loop will start squeezing the coat and neck of the dog until the pooch stops pulling. The cycle starts when the Fido starts pulling and stops when he stops.

Pros/Cons of Using the Martingale Dog Collar

Although the martingale dog collar seems to be very advantageous for training the dog to heel yet there are some negative points too. You can see all the positive and negative factors of using the martingale collar for dogs.

  • Costs more than the flat collars yet is affordable.
  • It impacts the neck uniformly isolating the neck of the dog.
  • Useful for heel training the stubborn pullers.
  • Easy for dogs to learn obedience.
  • Does not affect the trachea duct at all.
  • This method cannot control the strong large pullers.
  • The collar will have more wear and tear than the regular ones.
  • Keeping this on the dog can lead to accidental choking while playing indoors.(collar has a loose-fit)

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The EndNote

In the end, you can get the regular collar if your dog is not a puller. Whereas, we strongly suggest you go for the martingale otherwise.

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