Porsche Macan Driver Manages To Knock Down Two Bikers In 12 Seconds

Porsche Macan Driver Manages To Knock Down Two Bikers In 12 Seconds

The Porsche Macan is notable for its deft handling despite its size. In traffic at nearly zero miles per hour, it’s not so nimble though. Lane-splitters going much faster don’t necessarily have the ability to change direction quickly either. Those factors led to two separate accidents involving a total of four vehicles and at least five different people.

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This video comes to us from a post on Reddit where the author claims it happened in Singapore on November 28th of this year. In this short clip, we see a Macan occupying lane one (the far right lane in RHD countries) in dense slow-moving traffic. It soon puts on a signal and attempts to move into lane two.

That’s when a lane-splitting moped with two passengers hits it on the front quarter panel at a much higher speed than the surrounding traffic. The riders fall hard onto the pavement and the Porsche driver pulls in behind them and stops his car. As he opens the door a second rider comes up on his right side, smashes into the door, falls off to the right, and bashes into a white van.

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Video Reddit

The entire incident happened in less than 15 seconds and surely caused thousands of dollars worth of damage not including any medical costs. According to the poster, “both bikers are fine.” While there’s no way to confirm that, it does appear that things could’ve gone much worse than they did.

Had traffic been moving much quicker the van could’ve run over the fallen rider. For that matter, traffic behind the Porsche could’ve pushed it down the road and into the first two riders that fell. Differences in speed can often cause accidents and crashes and this video is a prime example of just that. Had the riders been moving at a speed closer to that of traffic they might have been able to adjust course in time to avoid the wreck.

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Who do you blame in this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Itchy-Meet-703

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