Tesla Cybertruck Turns Turtle, Revealing Chink In Its Badass Armor

Tesla Cybertruck Turns Turtle, Revealing Chink In Its Badass Armor

The stainless-skinned EV can resist bullets and baseball bats, but can’t right itself after a rollover


by Chris Chilton

July 1, 2024 at 20:31

 Tesla Cybertruck Turns Turtle, Revealing Chink In Its Badass Armor

  • Tesla Cybertruck filmed lying in the verge upside down after a crash.
  • Truck appears to have crossed out of its lane at high speed, struck a bank and flipped upside down.
  • The EV has appeared in numerous videos showing it can withstand attacks from bullets, saws and hammers.

“Other trucks look badass, Cybertruck actually is,” wrote Tesla boss Elon Musk on X today. The words appeared above a video from the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account showing one of the stainless steel-skinned pickups being subjected to attacks that would make a real mess of any normal vehicle.

The truck is shot at, hit with a bowling ball, brick, baseball bat and an axe. Saws are ground against its swage line and and the doorskin is blasted with a flame thrower. But bar a few tiny indentations and some minor scrapes, the Cybertruck seems unscathed.

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There are no major dents, no puncture wounds and the window glass remains intact despite the door flexing with each impact – though commenters were quick to remind Musk of the disastrous early Cybertruck demo when the ‘unbreakable’ window shattered after being hit with a steel ball.

It looks like the Cybertruck is invincible. But it’s not, because there’s one thing guaranteed to incapacitate the EV, and it’s flipping it onto its roof. And we know this because some one Cybertruck driver in Vicksburg, Mississippi, tested the theory last week.

Footage on the Facebook page of Vicksburg Daily News shows a Cybertruck turned turtle on a four-lane road, and while there’s no description of how it got there from the Vicksburg Police, looking at the scene suggests speed was involved. We’re guessing the truck approached a right-hand curve too fast, crossed into the opposite lane, hit the steep bank after the verge and rolled onto its roof.

The Vicksburg Daily News reports that four people were inside the Cybetruck at the time of the crash and that although three of them escaped unharmed, a fourth occupant was transported to hospital for treatment to an arm injury.

Footage from the scene shows that the trucks sturdy shell protected the passengers from being crushed by the huge weight of the floor-mounted battery now above them. But it’s also possible to see that one of the Tesla’s front wheels has been ripped off in the accident and is lying in the road.

Tesla has included plenty of novel features in the Cybertruck design, including bulletproof glass, a glovebox that can be locked with a PIN code and an electric tonneau cover that can be opened and closed via a smartphone app. But Elon’s team failed to equip the truck with a powerful hydraulic arm that could reach out of the bed floor and flip an upturned truck back onto its wheels. One for the facelift, maybe?

 Tesla Cybertruck Turns Turtle, Revealing Chink In Its Badass Armor

Image/video credit: Vicksburg Daily News

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