The Tesla Cybertruck might finally be in production – well, kind of, but regardless, there are a number of details still unknown. Now, the folks from T Sportline have their hands on one such pickup and are picking it apart. Here’s a quick look at some of the engineering details and designs that Tesla didn’t reveal already.

T Sportline is an aftermarket manufacturer that specializes in Tesla vehicles. It’s been around since 2013 and creates everything from aftermarket wheels to lift kits, lowering kits, and more. To put it simply, the business knows a lot about how Tesla typically designs its vehicles. Having a look at a Cybertruck in person allows the company to then create parts for it.

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Kicking things off the team shows off the removable panels. We’ve seen how easy it is to pop off the fender flares but we learn a little more here. It turns out that Tesla includes a Bluetooth receiver beneath each fender cover. Both the front and rear bumper covers pop off quite easily too according to T Sportline. Each houses sensors and tow hooks.

Slipping beneath the truck on the lift a few more details come to light. First, the underbody panels aren’t all that thick or beefy. They largely consist of hydroformed aluminum. Expect T Sportline and other aftermarket brands to come out with some sturdier components for more serious off-road enthusiasts. Interestingly, Tesla left a number of bolt holes exposed where accessories could be secured in the future.

While that might be the perfect spot for rock sliders or steps, don’t expect to see too many lifted Cybertrucks in the near future. The suspension geometry on the front tire features a bolt that points down at the tire. Installing rubber that is much bigger than the stock 35-inch tires is likely impossible without changing the offset. Even with a different offset, there are likely other touchpoints to work out.

At the same time, T Sportline thinks that a buyer could potentially lower the truck without as much work. It seems pretty clear that a number of different customers and independent shops are getting their hands on the Cybertruck. As additional news comes out about the somewhat secretive truck we’ll keep you updated. 

Image Credit: T Sportline