The 10 Best Dog Swimming Pools of 2023 (Reviewed)

The 10 Best Dog Swimming Pools of 2023 (Reviewed)

After extensive research of more than 40 hours and testing about 50+ top products to choose the 10 best dog swimming pools.

We all love our pets like we love our family members. They deserve the best, so we try to give them the utmost comfort. We know our dogs are sensitive and hence we want to protect them from harsh and unfavorable climates.

For instance, summers are hot and troublesome for dogs. They crave something that offers them a cooling and soothing relaxation. A water pool in your backyard or at a beach can do wonders to fight the heat. Hence, to get one, go through the following list of best swimming pools for your dogs.

The 10 Best Dog Swimming Pools (Reviews 2023)

Editors’ Pick:

  • Ideal Product for Summer
  • Portable and Easy to carry
  • It also works as a regular bathtub


If your dogs can’t resist playing with water, then a swimming pool is the perfect choice. Moreover, to bring happiness to your furry friends, you must provide them with all the care and convenience. Hence, to learn about the best dog swimming pools that suit both you and your pooch, read the reviews below.

1. Jasonwll Collapsible Dog Bath Pool

This portable and collapsible bathing pool for dogs presented by Jasonwell is easy to store and carry anywhere. Made of tough PVC, the pool is available in different sizes for small and large dogs.

Jasonwell Collapsible Dog Bath Pool


The product has a high-density fiberboard, unlike thin boards that easily get damaged. It seems to be durable and stays intact only when it’s fully filled with water. It has a drain on the lower side to empty the pool easily.

  • Brand: Jasonwell
  • Size: Medium
  • Dimensions: 39.5 inches (available in smaller and larger sizes, too)
  • Material: Extra-tough PVC (Environment-Friendly EN71, ASTM standard)

How frequent you change the water depends on how much you use the pool. Still, we recommend draining and refilling water at least once a week. Small breeds can paddle in the pool, but large dogs may only be able to dip their legs. However, it is good for bathing both the smaller and larger breeds.

Note: Make sure you trim your dogs’ nails before letting him use the pool.

  • Requires no inflation and easy to set up
  • Easy to drain and refill
  • A slip-resistant material at the bottom
  • It works good when full of water, otherwise the walls fall inside.

2. KOPEKS Swimming Pool for Dogs

The pool is easy to set up, good for all sizes of dogs. The product is great for your canines to relieve them from the scorching heat of summers. Made of extra-tough PVC, the pool is foldable to take it anywhere on vacations.

Best Dog Swimming Pools


If your dog loves playing in water and staying outdoors, this pool is perfect for him. Make sure you unfold it on a smooth surface to avoid any damage to the base. You can fold it easily and store it indoors when not in use, for instance, in winters.

  • Brand: KOPEKS
  • Size: X Large
  • Dimensions: 63 inches (available in smaller sizes, too)
  • Material: Heavy-Duty PVC

Note: There shouldn’t be any pointed objects beneath the pool that can tear the base. Trim your dog’s nails before letting him use the pool.

  • Easy Twist-Off Cap to drain the water
  • High-Grade and strong PVC material
  • Stylish design
  • Some customers have noticed leakage after a few months of usage.

3. Fuloon PVC Swimming Pool for Dogs

This bath pool from Fuloon is suitable for small dogs and puppies with a depth of 12 inches. However, the pool is also available in larger sizes for bigger dogs. The walls of the pool will stay intact when filled with at least 60% to 80% water.

Fuloon PVC Swimming Pool for Dogs


It becomes compact and easy to store when folded, hence, a good product for outdoors and traveling. Despite being small, the pool can help you bathe large dogs too. The pool doesn’t require any inflating, just unfold and set it on a smooth surface.

  • Brand: Fuloon
  • Dimensions: 32 inches Diameter x 8 inches Height (available in larger sizes too)
  • Colors: Red
  • Material: Strong PVC, slip-resistant base.

Note: Trim your pet’s nails to prevent scratches and tears to the pool.

  • Big water spout allows water to drain out quickly
  • The bottom has an anti-slip texture
  • Affordable as compared to other pools
  • Large dogs with a habit to chew and dig may rip off the pool.

4. PAWCHIE Dog Swimming Pool

The Pawchie’s dog pool can contain enough water for puppies to swim, however, large dogs can dip only their feet. But over all, dogs can have fun bathing and playing in it. The drain plug is very convenient to remove and empty the pool. Moreover, in this list of best dog swimming pools this one is avilable at the most reasonable price.

PAWCHIE Dog Swimming Pool


The bottom of the pool has grooves, hence making the base anti-slippery. It reinforces the walls of the pool with thick plates that avoid it from bending or falling. Folding it up is quick, and you can pick and store it when not in use.

  • Brand: PAWCHIE
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions: 47 inches diameter, 12 inches height
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Extra-tough PVC

You can move this pool easily around, carry while you travel or camp, take it to a friend’s place or beach, or store it aside.

Note: We recommend cutting your dog’s nails before using it to prevent damage to the bottom.

  • It is a good product for bathing your pup regularly
  • Portable and Durable
  • This pool is a little heavy

5. Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool

This Zacro pool is one of the best options for your dog to relax during summers. It works well to bathe all sizes of dogs, however, small dogs can enjoy swimming, too. The edge of the pool appears to be of a good quality.

Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool


You can quickly drain the pool after using and dry it completely before folding it up. Very light weighted, hence super easy to move and pick for storing and traveling. Moreover, it comes with a bag to store that makes handling easier.

  • Brand: Zacro
  • Dimensions: 47″ x 11.8″
  • Color: Red
  • Material: PVC

The drainage hole with a screw-on cap helps you drain away the water after use. No need to inflate, just open and set it on a smooth surface. It makes a cool swimming pool for your canines to play outdoors.

Note: Prevent the dogs from biting and scratching it. Cut their nails and use mouth cover if required.

  • You can easily fold and store it aside until you need it again.
  • A good bathing & relaxing pool for all sizes of dogs.
  • The bottom of the pool does not have any texture, making it a little slippery.

6. NACOCO Foldable PVC Dog Pool

This medium size dog pool from NACOCO is good to use for medium dogs like Labrador, Golder retriever, or Tarrier. The product, however, is also available in a medium size for small breeds and an extra large size for larger size of dogs.

NACOCO Foldable PVC Dog Pool


With 11.8 inches depth, the pool is helpful for your dog to play in, lay down, relax, and bathe. It offers a good way to your pet to beat the summer heat. The pool appears durable and becomes compact on folding, which makes it easy to pick and store.

  • Brand: NACOCO
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions: 47.2 inches x 11.8 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Material: PVC

The walls are sufficiently tall to restrict your dogs from stepping over it, preventing it from bending. The drain outlet helps you drain out water and make the cleaning easy.

Note: Drain the water regularly to avoid mosquitoes dwelling in it. Dry the pool throughly before storing it.

  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to transport anywhere
  • Useful as a dog pool, a bathing tub, and an outdoor pond
  • A few customers have noticed leakage problems.

7. N&M Products Foldable Dog Pool

This N&M foldable pool in large size suits medium size dogs, however, the product is also available in a medium and an extra large size. Just open and fill it with water for your dog to cool himself in summer.

N&M Products Foldable Dog Pool


It does not require inflating and provides ease of draining out the water after use. The material of the pool is soft and comfortable for your pet. The product, however, is not of too high quality.

  • Brand: N&M Products
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions: 12″ deep and 50″ diameter
  • Color: Red
  • Material: PVC

Large dogs may damage it easily, as the material is soft. It may work well if you can prevent your dogs from chewing or scratching the pool.

Note: Cut the dog’s nails before letting him play in the pool.

  • Foldable panels makes portability easier
  • Easily storable in the closet
  • Less durable as reported by a few customers
  • Leakage noticed by some users

8. KOPEKS Round PVC Outdoor Pool

Setting or folding this Kopeks outdoor pool takes just a few minutes. It is good to fold and carry it anywhere with you, which makes it a nice product for bathing your dog outdoors. The drain plug facilitates quick emptying.

KOPEKS Round PVC Outdoor Pool


Walls stand straight with water filled in. It is one of the best dog swimming pools for small to medium dog breeds. The fabric, however, is moderately durable, hence, large dogs may easily destroy it, if they chew or scratch it.

  • Brand: KOPEKS
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Dimensions: 63 inches Diameter and 12 inches Deep
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: PVC

Note: If your dog has a habit to dig or chew, this pool may not last long. Trim his nails and use mouth covers if required.

  • Portable
  • Easy to set up, fill, drain, fold and store
  • A few customers report that the walls flip down.

9. KOPEKS Rectangular Dog Bathing Tub

This rectangular pool from Kopeks doesn’t require assembling or inflating. It is easy to set up, fill, drain, or fold. The pool has a unique rectangular design, but the edges are very soft, hence, does not hurt the pets.

KOPEKS Rectangular Dog Bathing Tub


If your dog loves outdoors, then he may also love playing in the pool to cool down on sunny days. Also, draining the pool is stress free because of the twist-off drain cap. The product provides good space for paddling or moving around to small dogs and pups.

  • Brand: KOPEKS
  • Size: Large (available in medium and small sizes too)
  • Dimensions: 31 inches x 20 inches, 7 inches depth
  • Material: PVC

Note: The pool does not empty completely with the drain opening. You need to tilt it to remove leftover water. Always dry it before storing.

  • Easy to open, fill, and drain
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Good quality
  • A few users notice leakage issues.

10. Petsfit Pool for Small to Medium Dog

The best thing about Petsfit dog pool is that it can bear digging and scratching. The material made of heavy oxford and waterproof nylon cloth is sturdy. It makes the pool leakage proof. Additionally, the coated-wire frame doesn’t let the wall collapse.

Petsfit Pool for Small to Medium Dog


The pool is portable and lightweight, hence easy to transport. To drain the water out, you just need to press down the side of the swimming pool.

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Dimensions: 41 inch diameter and 12 inch height
  • Color: Skyblue
  • Material: Oxford nylon and polyester

Note: The pool works best for small to medium dogs.

  • Convenient to carry anywhere
  • The pool doesn’t collapse outwards and maintains its shape.
  • It doesn’t have a water draining plug. You need to press the downside of the pool to drain the water out, which may be less convenient.

Buyer’s Guide

Learning about the important factors is essential before buying a pool. Hence, we have prepared this buyer’s guide to clear most of your doubts related to a dog swimming pool. Also, we have tried to explain in this section the need for a swimming pool for your dogs.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Swimming Pool?

If your dog is one of those that can spend hours playing with water, splashing it, and lying into it, then you should get a pool for him. These dogs love spending time outdoors and go crazy if they get to play with water.

In short, nothing can be better than a swimming pool, particularly the foldable one that you can carry anywhere. These would make your vacations amazing with your fur-mates.

Furthermore, the benefit of a foldable pool is that it can function well both as an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. You may place it in a garage or backyard or take it to beaches or parks as per your preferences.

Certainly, swimming pools meant for dogs are mostly sturdier than those meant for the kids. Dogs have a habit to dig and chew. As a result, they can destroy a thin material easily, even if their nails are trimmed.

Hence, pools designed for dogs mostly bear scratching and chewing to a certain extent. They are the best ways to entertain your dogs along with helping them to stay cool in the warm weather.

You may even like to add some toys in the water to keep your dogs totally entertained while enjoying your vacations.

Types of Dog Swimming Pools

You can find dog pools in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. However, mainly three types of dog swimming pools are dominating the market and each product has its pros and cons. So let’s look over these types to understand them properly.

Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pools are lightweight, movable, and convenient dog pools. They fold up to become compact and hardly weigh anything when deflated. The soft walls make sure your dog doesn’t get injured while getting in or out.

Many of the inflatable pools are made of plastic, however, dogs can easily puncture these pools by their nails or teeth. Patching the tear is possible, but it becomes tedious if your dog frequently keeps popping it.

Another cumbersome task could be, inflating the pool before every use. For that you will also require a pump to inflate it.

Folding Pools

The folding swimming pools are the easiest of all pools. They need no inflation and are easy to open, fill, drain, and fold. You can pack and carry these pools with you during trips.

Additionally, instead of plastic, these pools are mostly made of PVC or a sturdier material to withstand scratches to an extent.

These are easy to set up and store. Moreover, most of the folding pools have a water draining outlet to empty it effortlessly, after use.

Rigid Pools

Rigid pools are not portable or folding, but are strong and durable. They can handle any of your dog’s mischiefs such as jumping, digging, scratching, biting, and chewing.

These are great for your tough furry canines who may probably destroy any other type of pool. These pools may get scratches, but they won’t leak. Many of the rigid pools also have a drain, making it easier to empty when not in use.

Rigid pools fit best in your backyard, and the good part is that the walls won’t bend. The only drawback is that these pools are heavy and you cannot take it with you for vacations.

How to Choose the Best Dog Swimming Pool?

Before getting a swimming pool for your dog, you must consider the following factors. These features will help you find the best dog swimming pool and ensure your dog’s safety along with ease of use.


You often won’t need to use a dog swimming pool all year. For instance, you may need to store it in the winters. So it is necessary that whenever this pool is not in use, you can pack and store it.

To serve this purpose, there are many such pools available in the market that wrap to be stored safely. Consider the storability factor before buying a pool, if you want to bundle it up when not in use.


Durability plays the most important part. If your dog can destroy the pool easily, then the pool can only be used once or twice. We are sure you would not want to waste your money on repairing and buying pools frequently.

Hence, always consider buying a strong pool that can withstand a little rough use. Folding pools are mostly less durable than the rigid pools but they are sturdier than the inflatable ones. Choose the swimming pools that don’t make your tasks too tedious and also fulfill all basic requirements.


A pool is perfect if you can drain the water from the pool effortlessly. If you have to turn the whole pool to drain out the water then it may hurt your spine. The good thing is that, most pools come with a drain plug for the ease of emptying.

There are, however, a few pools that have a different method to drain the water, which are comparatively complex. So choose the pool that provides the easiest way out.


Size of the pool mostly depends on the size of your dog. You can have a smaller pool for puppies and larger for big dogs. However, a large pool can be useful for all breeds from small to large.

On the contrary, a small pool will be almost useless for large dogs. Therefore, check the sizing chart and dimensions properly before ordering a product for your canine friend.

FAQs About Dog Swimming Pool

What Type of Pool is Best for Dogs?

The best pool for dogs is the one that they cannot destroy. More often, inflatable pools don’t last long as dogs can puncture it easily. Conversely, rigid pools are the sturdiest. Balancing both, PVC folding pools are moderately durable but also very flexible, portable, and storable.

Are Kiddie Pools Safe for Dogs?

You can use the kids’ pool for your dogs, but it is not generally recommended to do so. Dogs’ nails may often tear off the plastic of inflatable pools easily. Folding pools or rigid pools for kids made of PVC are stronger and hence can be alternatively used for dogs, but as they are specially designed for kids so it may not be suitable for dogs.

How Much Does a Dog Swimming Pool Cost?

Dog swimming pools may range anywhere between $20 to $80. The best budget dog swimming pool, however, is the one that is durable, easy to use, and affordable will cost somewhere around $35 to $50.

Which are the Best Dog Swimming Pools?

The Kopeks swimming pool for dogs is an excellent option to buy for your canines. The product is portable, affordable, durable and perfect for beach visits and vacations. It can also be very useful to bathe your dog regularly both outdoors and indoors. Later, you may fold and store it in a closet when not in use.

Dogs Love Water

Just choose any of the above-described products and enjoy a cool pool party with your lovely dogs. Let your dog play, relax, splash, and relish in water to cool down in summers. Take the pool to your friend’s house, beaches, or other outdoor trips for your dog to enjoy with you.

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