The beautiful European city named one of 2024’s best destinations | World | News

The beautiful European city named one of 2024’s best destinations | World | News

Nestled in central Europe is a picturesque city known for its famous wine culture.

Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia, sits along the banks of the River Drava. It is home to the Žametovka or modra kavčina (Bleu de Cologne) – the world’s oldest grape vine that still produces fruits today.

At 400 years old, the Žametovka has been recognised for its achievement in the Guinness Book of Records. It was planted in the Middle Ages during the Turkish invasions.

Today, The Old Vine House now only showcases the vine, but serve’s as Maribor’s museum of wine. The deep-rooted vitiuculture heritage is celebrated annually at the lively Old Vine Festival.

Maribor has more to offer than just its wine however. It is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for an outdoor adventure.

The Pohorje Mountains become a idyllic paradise for skier and snowboarders during the colder months. While in the warmer weather it offers glorious hiking abd biking trails.

While The Drava itself simply adds to the city’s appeal. It offers the opportunity for rowing as well as enjoying leisurely walks along its banks. 

And, if you’re still looking for an outdoor pursuit, you can take a hike up the Piramida Hill to take in the breathtaking city sights. Or maybe even catch the sunset views over the Slovenian city. 

Maribor is also filled to the brim with history, meaning architecture buffs won’t have to look far to find a stunning building they take a shine to. Parts of the city walls, built between 1255 and 1275 still stand today, with the Judgement Tower, Water Tower, and Jewish Tower among the most prominent destinations.

While the Trg Leona Štuklja Square, built in 2011, is the city’s most recent square. It hosts concerts and other events, having been named after Olympic gold medalist Leon Štukelj. 

The stunning Maribor was recently named by Forbes as one of the top 50 destinations to visit in Europe in 2024. Anyone wishing to visit Maribor from England is advised to travel to Ljubljana or Zagreb and get a bus to the beautiful city. 


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