Rivian service centers across the United States have just started to install the updated powered tonneau cover on customer cars.

This new tonneau cover has been quite a long time in the making. The R1T was available with a powered tonneau cover when it launched but following a lot of issues, the car manufacturer decided to not only stop production of it but to completely remove it as an option on the electric truck. As such, customers had to choose delivery with a manual aluminum cover or no top at all.

After working on the new cover for more than 12 months, Rivian confirmed in mid-October that it had passed its durability testing and would soon become available.

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 This Is Rivian R1T’s New Powered Tonneau Cover

A member of the popular Rivian Forums revealed last week that their R1T had been equipped with the new cover. The owner says the redesigned top continues to use one motor, as opposed to the two motors that some owners had been hoping for. It also features an updated spring system designed to ensure the panels remain in perfect alignment, has reinforced gearing, and has been tested and shown to work even if sand is poured onto it.

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A couple of videos shared to the forum show that the cover remains quite noisy with some suggesting it is just as loud as the first-generation one. Nevertheless, it certainly looks quite strong and is said to keep out most water from the bed when it is closed.

In October, Rivian confirmed that it would start reaching out to customers “on a rolling basis” to schedule appointments to have the new cover installed. It is being installed on those vehicles that were specced with the powered cover from the factory but should be added as an accessory in Rivian’s Gear Shop shortly. It remains unclear how much it will cost.

 This Is Rivian R1T’s New Powered Tonneau Cover