ValueSelling Associates Reveals ValueCoach AI Tool

ValueSelling Associates Reveals ValueCoach AI Tool

ValueSelling Associates, a sales training company, released ValueCoach AI, a value-based AI coaching tool engineered to help revenue teams drive desired selling behaviors and enable sales managers to optimize sales coaching and performance.

Powered by Replicate Labs, ValueCoach AI is designed to align with a company’s specific sales process and build desired selling behaviors. Built on the ValueSelling Framework sales methodology, ValueCoach AI comes with a suite of capabilities that include:

  • Simulated role-plays featuring an AI model that’s trained on a company’s unique sales data to provide feedback on content and delivery;
  • Individualized rubrics and coaching to help sales managers track individual sales performance using customized rubrics that are dynamically updated based on sales calls, opportunity data and coaching sessions;
  • Coaching sessions designed to drive just-in-time adoption of desired selling behaviors and enable sales reps to move opportunities forward without direct oversight; and
  • Seamless integrations with customer relationship management systems CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or a company’s learning management system.

“AI has forever changed the sales profession and will transform your revenue engine,” said Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, in a statement. “At ValueSelling, we are embracing AI technology to maximize revenue performance, while preserving and building on the human-to-human relationships that buyers crave. Our new ValueCoach AI tool will provide just-in-time guidance and seamless integration across the tech stack, providing companies with the ability to scale sales coaching and management efficiency and drive sales rep behavior change.”

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