Why This Plant Is One-Stop Solution To Anaemia And Other Health Issues

Why This Plant Is One-Stop Solution To Anaemia And Other Health Issues

It is also known as Leucas Aspera.

Since ancient times, people have been consuming different parts of plants like leaves, seeds, roots, shoots, flowers, and stems for various medicinal purposes.

Dronapushpi, scientifically known as Leucas Aspera, is a herb abundant in the Himalayas and widely present in India, celebrated for its medicinal properties. Revered as a natural remedy, this herb has found its place in traditional medicine, offering a myriad of health benefits. Known by various names such as Chitrak-shupa, Chitrapathrika, Goma Madhupati, Thumbai, and more, Dronapushpi has been a part of medicinal practices for generations.

One of its remarkable features is its ability to combat inflammation, arthritis, anaemia, and jaundice, making it a versatile solution for various ailments. Its antipyretic nature lends itself to treating fevers effectively. The leaves of Dronapushpi are harnessed for their medicinal juice, which, when applied to the body or used in a bath, aids in fever reduction. Additionally, dried leaves can be formulated into tablets for consumption, proving beneficial for indigestion, cough, cold, headaches, eye diseases, and even scorpion stings.

Beyond its role in human health, Dronapushpi extends its benefits to ailing animals, particularly those with stomach-related issues. Boasting antioxidant properties, it curtails the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a holistic approach to health. The herb is known to alleviate pain, manage fever, reduce coughing, regulate blood glucose levels, enhance menstrual flow, aid digestion, and relieve constipation.

For ear pain relief, the juice of Dronapushpi leaves can be applied directly. Rich in healthy fats, this herb contributes to overall well-being and has positive implications for migraine management. The herbal decoction derived from Dronapushpi has proven efficacy in treating stomach ulcers, making it a holistic remedy.

In the context of skin ailments, Dronapushpi has demonstrated effectiveness against psoriasis, a condition characterised by rashes, itchiness, and scaly skin. Its application in affected areas can provide relief from these symptoms. It is important to note that while Dronapushpi offers a range of health benefits, it is not a substitute for medical intervention. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advised to ensure its appropriate use in alignment with individual health needs.

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