Bridal Beauty Trends: Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

Bridal Beauty Trends: Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

One of the famous or very common treatments for brides-to-be is the bridal facial. If they have a wedding in a month or six weeks, they can opt for bridal facials

Dr Trishna Gupte, Clinical cosmetologist and Trichologist,International trainer and Head of academics, Founder and owner, The Cosmo-Square clinic, ISCA shares how brides are seeking corrective treatments in preparation for their weddings

Nowadays, brides are opting for various treatments before their weddings, and I’d like to share the current trends with you. There are primarily two types of treatments that are popular among brides. The first category is corrective treatments, which address issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, scars, and dull skin. Many brides are seeking corrective treatments in preparation for their weddings. However, brides need to understand that if they have any skin concerns, they should start these treatments at least six months before their wedding, or ideally three months in advance. This allows the skin sufficient time for healing and regeneration, especially for concerns such as scars.

Moving on to the second category, we have enhancement treatments. Brides are increasingly opting for therapies like IV Drip and glutathione for skin brightening and even-toned skin. Some are also interested in lip augmentation using procedures like Botox fillers. The trend of using Botox fillers for achieving a perfect jawline, plumper lips, hydrated lips, or a straighter nose is gaining popularity among brides. Additionally, there is a growing interest in weight loss and body contouring treatments.

These enhancement treatments typically require a lead time of three to six months. For instance, if a bride wants laser hair reduction, which falls under enhancement treatments, it is advisable to start the process six months prior. Similarly, for glutathione treatments, three months in advance is recommended for any corrections. Botox fillers or thread lifts for facelifts, aimed at achieving a snatched look for the face or jawline, are best done two to three months before the wedding. This timeframe allows for any potential side effects, such as bruising, to subside, ensuring that the bride is satisfied with the results.

Many times, if a bride is considering Botox fillers or a thread lift for feature augmentation or correction, it is advisable to choose these treatments at least one and a half to two months before the wedding. The rationale behind this recommendation is that it allows for ample time to address any concerns or adjustments that may be needed. If, for instance, the bride is dissatisfied with the appearance of the filler or the outcome of the thread lift, there is sufficient time for corrective measures well before the wedding day. Opting for these treatments well in advance reduces the risk of last-minute issues and ensures that the bride is content with the final results. So, these are some of the trends that brides are currently exploring.

Now, let’s consider some recommendations from the experts for brides. Essentially, if you currently maintain a healthy body, it’s crucial to prepare for the upcoming demands, including both physical and mental stress. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure the utmost health of both your body and mind. Here’s what I would suggest: commence a regular exercise routine, dedicating at least 45 to 30 minutes daily to a combination of cardiovascular activities and weight training. It’s advisable to undergo blood tests to identify and address any deficiencies, as the wedding preparations can impose significant mental pressure. Deficiencies may contribute to dull skin, hyperpigmentation, or acne. Addressing hormonal imbalances is equally important. Implementing lifestyle modifications can be effective in managing hormonal issues, benefiting both your overall health and skin texture in the long run.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that many brides seek pre-bridal and post-bridal treatments. Following the wedding and, particularly, after the honeymoon, some opt for treatments such as skin exfoliation, bridal facials, or Korean glass facials. These treatments are chosen to enhance and maintain skin health during and after the various phases of wedding-related activities.

One of the famous or very common treatments for brides-to-be is the bridal facial. If they have a wedding in a month or six weeks, they can opt for bridal facials. These facials are designed to enhance the skin’s glow, texture, and hydration, contributing to a radiant and improved overall complexion.

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