Skyrim Special Edition update: a mixed bag of Creation Club changes, Steam Deck support, and mod mayhem

Skyrim Special Edition update: a mixed bag of Creation Club changes, Steam Deck support, and mod mayhem

Bethesda has dropped an update for Skyrim Special Edition which adds a new paid mods page called Creations, among other things.

With the update, Bethesda has done away with Creation Club, as Creations combines Skyrim’s existing mods, Creation Club items, and new creations under a single menu available.

Skyrim Special Ediion

This is an evolution of the Creation Club program (introduced in 2017), and it enhances how creators develop and showcase their works on a variety of platforms.

With Skyrim Special Edition, upon applying the update, the new Creations menu will be visible. The update also comes with optimizations and new features, including Steam Deck and ultrawide support. It is around 13GB in size on consoles, and around 600MB on PC.

The update also comes with a plethora of bug fixes, general stability improvements and optimizations, and platform-specific fixes and additions. Look over the patch notes here.

The official tool for creators is also getting an update and a new Resource Pack has been included with a selection of art and scripting assets.

To coincide with the update, the Creation Club website is also getting a refresh. It is now the Creations website and features improved content discovery, continued highlighting of featured creations, and enhanced features for uploading creations.

With the update, you can still access your original Creation Club items and use Creation Credits (previously Creation Club Credits) to purchase content in the Creations menu. With the debut of Creations, the names and pricing of credit packs will be adjusted on December 12.

While all of this is great news, what’s not so great about it is the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) no longer works once you apply the update. SKSE is a tool used by many Skyrim mods that expands scripting capabilities and adds additional functionality to the game.

Because it is a very important component to many of the mods for Skyrim, you will want to wait for SKSE to be compatible with the new update, or your mods may not work. So, you may want to skip updating your game for now.

That said, Bethesda is working with the creator of SKSE to get things rolling.

Also, Halgari, who created the Special Editon Downgrade Patcher, is working to make it run with the new update (thanks, Resetera).

You can find out more on Creations through here and here.

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