Halo season two trailer teases the titular ring, confirms a release date

Halo season two trailer teases the titular ring, confirms a release date

The first trailer for the second season of the Halo TV series is here, giving us a first look at the very thing the name is based on (it’s a Halo).

Paramount showed off the trailer for Halo season two yesterday, and while it’s mostly just dramatic shots of characters looking emotional about something or other, it does offer us glimpses of the main things everyone loves about the series: Master Chief, the Covenant, and that titular Halo. Better still, for those of you that enjoyed the first season of the show, there’s a release date too, and it’s not that far away: February 8. Once again, it’ll be airing on Paramount Plus, and that’ll be the only place you can watch it.

The trailer was shown off at CCXP in Brazil, and while we didn’t get too many hints about the story, this season Master Chief will apparently be attempting to prove the Covenant are planning an attack on Reach. For those that aren’t as familiar with the games, Reach was a human colony prominently featured in the prequel game Halo: Reach. Those of you that have played Reach will know pretty much exactly what is coming in the show, with Paramount teasing this by saying Master Chief will go “on a journey to find the key to humankind’s salvation, or its extinction – Halo.” Any which way, prepare yourself for a rough time.

Halo the TV series was released back in March 2022, but it already had a season two renewal before the show even came out. Soon after the show was released it became the biggest ever release for Paramount Plus, so clearly there is some amount of hunger for the show.

Pablo Schreiber is returning as Master Chief for the second season, alongside Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey and Jen Taylor as Cortana.

Meanwhile, Halo Infinite should be getting a new trailer for… something, next week.

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