How Certain Breeds May Require A Little Extra Attention

How Certain Breeds May Require A Little Extra Attention

Everyone wants a dog to teach a few tricks to and take a short walk every day. But some people get one of the high-maintenance dogs and end up not knowing how to deal with them. While all dogs need proper training and attention, some breeds require extra care and training than others. There are a lot of dog breeds that are considered high-maintenance due to their strong personality, or because they’re highly independent. Other breeds can have intense separation anxiety if their owners are not giving them enough attention and care.

Some displays destructive behavior that could end up ruining your house if not handled right, while some breeds tend to be anti-social and can’t tolerate children and other pets. However, all breeds can be handled and become the perfect buddies if they receive the required attention.

High-Maintenance Dog Breeds And How To Deal With Them

Here are some high-maintenance dog breeds we have included in our article.



Akitas are considered powerful and large dogs. They were used to guard royalty and nobility in Japan, and they hunted bears and deer. Akita dogs have a strong personality, and they don’t back down from challenges. Due to their strong nature, Akitas can be challenging to train and will require a lot of attention.

If they are not properly trained by an experienced, confident owner, they could be aggressive towards other people and dogs. Lack of socialization at an early age can result in some unpleasant behaviors. Once you bring an Akita home, you will need to start training immediately and invest a lot of time every day in training the dog. They are highly independent, so if you don’t establish the position of a leader, you might find it hard to manage the dog’s temper. They are also very powerful and are full of energy, which means that they need a home with a large yard so they can run all day, as much as they want. And if you got an Akita in an apartment, they can be very destructive when left alone with nothing to do.

When properly trained, Akitas can be very friendly, affectionate, and respectful. The breed has an intimidating appearance along with a confident personality, which makes them the perfect fit as guard dogs. If you’re willing to bring an Akita home, then know that you will be exercising a lot with your dog and will need to clean the house regularly. This breed is perfect for those who are willing to spend most of their time with their dogs.



West Highland White Terriers are known for their white coat and small size. Many owners get Westies because of their small size, without knowing how much effort is needed to maintain their well-being. They are brilliant and independent but can be very stubborn and hard to train.

When you bring a Westie home, you should socialize it with other humans and animals. Otherwise, they could be very aggressive towards everyone. You should know that they are originally hunting dogs, which means that they need a lot of exercising and running to do. This is why you should start training a Westie as soon as possible. You should also be firm and creative in your training method to ease the process.

The main issue with the West Highland White Terrier is its coat. Westies demand a lot of care and grooming. They are considered a long-haired breed, which requires a certain amount of attention. From an early age, you should start grooming your Westie and make it at least a weekly routine. Grooming is essential for Westies because it keeps the dirt and matted hair away. It’s also important to maintain a clean coat in order to prevent infections and health problems.

Reading a comprehensive guide on westie grooming can be very helpful, especially during your first couple of months together. Brushing and grooming their hair regularly is also a must in order to avoid loose hair everywhere in the house. Your grooming routine should not only be trimming and brushing hair, but it should also include ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and nail clipping. While daily brushing is recommended in most cases, grooming your dog every week may be enough to make it look nice and to improve its overall well-being. When you properly train, groom, take care of your Westie, you will find that they are loving and affectionate dogs and that they are willing to do anything for you.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

This small, intelligent breed is known for its hunting skills. Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium, where its hunting skills were used to catch rats and mice. They are very cheerful and affectionate dogs, and they make great companions. However, Brussels Griffons are very sensitive, moody, and can demand a lot of attention from their owners.

It is considered a high-maintenance breed because they want attention all the time, and they tend to get separation anxiety if their owner leaves for a long time. Griffons are perfect for small apartments if trained well. However, they tend to bark every time they hear a noise, which can be irritating for a lot of neighbors. If you’re willing to get a Brussels Griffon, then know that you will need to stay with them all the time, or take them with you wherever you go. They can act like demanding kids who constantly require attention and care, which may not be suitable for everyone.



Boxers are family-friendly dogs that can do with only a couple of hours of exercise each day. If you have energetic children and you want to keep them busy, then getting a Boxer could be a perfect choice. With a treat and some praising, these dogs can be trained easily. They are always eager to learn new things as they are naturally curious, and this will make the training process fun and effortless. However, Boxers are considered to be high-maintenance, because, in the summer, you have to make sure you keep them in an air-conditioned room; their bodies get overheated in hot weather.

And because they are an active breed, if you leave your boxer alone for a long time in the house, you might end up with chewed furniture or excessive barking. Boxers tend to exhibit a certain degree of destructive behavior, and if they’re not busy with their owners or don’t get enough exercise, they start chewing and scratching things. And although the Boxer is a short-haired breed, they tend to shed a lot, and they are known to be prone to allergies. You will need to brush their coat at least twice a week in order to minimize the amount of shedding and be prepared for potential health issues.

Border Collie

border collie

Border Collie is on the top of the list when it comes to the most intelligent breeds. By using motivation techniques while training, a Border Collie can be very obedient and always eager to learn something new. They are the perfect breed if they’re going to live in a house with a large yard or on a farm where they can run freely. Small apartments are not a good fit for this breed. Border Collies are perfect watchdogs as they are naturally protective. However, even with enough space to run and play, a Border Collie usually needs a job to do. They can be very demanding and destructive out of boredom.

Border Collies are originally sheepdogs; they stay busy by protecting herds. So, keeping this breed indoors for a long time will result in some unpleasant outcomes. Staying indoors for such an active breed will build up energy that causes destructive behavior or depression. The Border Collie usually doesn’t get destructive on purpose, but the lack of mental stimulation forces it to find something to do in order to keep itself busy. They also have a dominant personality, so punishing them for being destructive will lead to even more unpleasant behavior. Instead of punishing them, you can keep them busy by giving them a job to do during the day.

Before getting a Border Collie, you must be sure to understand everything regarding this breed’s nature. Make sure that it matches your lifestyle, and that you’ll be able to keep up with its energy. When you get a Border Collie home, you will need to provide a huge amount of attention and socialization. Border Collies who didn’t socialize as puppies may display aggressive behavior towards strangers.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is known for its friendly and sweet personality. They are considered the perfect family pet. However, even though this breed is friendly and loving, it requires a lot of attention. New Cocker Spaniel owners should know that they will need high grooming skills to maintain their dog’s well-being. They’re considered a high-maintenance breed because of the massive amounts of shedding, and their infamous separation anxiety.

If the owner is not properly taking care of the dog, they will end up with hair all over the house, and the dog may face some health issues due to insufficient grooming. Cocker Spaniels are ideal in family homes with large yards, and may not do well in small apartments due to their high energy levels. If you have kids who like to take care of dogs and have long walks with them, then a Cocker Spaniel will be perfect for you. However, if you have babies that need your attention or a hectic job, a Cocker may not be the best choice, because it will also demand your attention and a calm atmosphere.

Siberian Husky

siberian husky

Huskies are a beautiful breed with a thick coat and long hair. They are intelligent, affectionate, and have an independent personality. Their beauty is one of the reasons why people get them, while they are unaware of the responsibility that comes with it. Huskies are known to be escapers. Running away and disappearing is in their nature. Leaving a Husky in the back yard without a fence and locked doors will trigger them to escape. They require a high fence so that they can’t jump, and it should also be buried deep below so that they don’t dig their way out.

Most Huskies have a destructive nature, no matter where they are. If you left your Huskies inside the house for too long without any exercise, they will damage the house and chew the furniture. And if you leave them outside, they will dig up the yard and may end up damaging it. These dogs should be given a place to dig in freely and kept busy with a lot of exercises during the day. If you’re looking for a watchdog, the Huskies will not really match, either. They are very protective; however, they rarely bark and probably will not alert you if a stranger is nearby. To properly train a Husky, you need to teach them obedience from a young age and be the leader. An owner with a strong and firm personality can succeed perfectly in training a Husky.

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, also known as Aussie, originated in the Western U.S. despite its name. It is a hardworking, intelligent, and energetic breed that makes the perfect companion. Aussies have high energy, and you need to keep them busy all the time to avoid any damages to the house. They need a lot of exercises, and a one-hour walk around the neighborhood will not be enough for them. If Aussies didn’t get their energy out, they could be very destructive and loud. If you left them alone, they might run away to chase cars or other animals; they will always find a job to do. So if you’re bringing an Aussie home, it’s better to always keep them busy. Australian Shepherds are competitive dogs and they love sports. You can teach them almost anything; they are fast learners and would love to help you around the house.

All dog breeds require a lot of care and attention, but the breeds we’ve mentioned may require it just a bit more. Before you get a new dog, make sure that you read up on the breed and seek a professional opinion. That way, you can understand the pros and cons and know what you’re up for. However, remember that even the most high-maintenance breed can be suitable for anyone when they receive proper training and attention. Early training is a must; if you postpone the training process or neglect it, it might result in destructive behavior and psychological issues in any dog breed.

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