Wearing a Mangalsutra in a More Feminine and Stylish Way

Wearing a Mangalsutra in a More Feminine

The wedding mangalsutra is an important piece of jewellery that is worn by Indian women. It consists of a black beads chain that ends in a gold pendant and is considered to be the symbol of marriage. This traditional accessory is usually worn by newlyweds and widows. The mangalsutra is also believed to protect the woman from any evil powers and negative energies that may try to end her marital bliss.

With the changing times, many young brides prefer lightweight simple mangalsutra designs that are more practical to wear on a daily basis. These are more convenient to carry, and they can also match with formal office wear. Moreover, these types of mangalsutras are much more stylish and contemporary. They can be found in a variety of styles, from simple to intricate and can be bought online or at CaratLane stores.

The modern mangalsutra is also crafted in a more feminine way, making it an ideal accessory for the renegade diva. This style is perfect for a woman who wants to maintain an undercurrent of tradition and still look stunning and chic. This type of mangalsutra consists of a single black bead thread attached to a pendant or charm that you choose to match your outfit. You can even find these in different metals, depending on your preference.

Wearing a Mangalsutra in a More Feminine and Stylish Way

Another option is a simple gold mangalsutra. This necklace features a black bead chain that is interspersed with golden beads and has small pendants at regular intervals. It is also a very elegant piece of jewellery and can be worn on any occasion.

In Indian society, a married woman is considered to be the main support of her family. Hence, she is a vital part of the family’s life and needs to be protected from negativity. The mangalsutra is supposed to safeguard her from any evil energies and the junction of the two strands is said to emit Kriya-Shakti, which helps her achieve everything she wishes for in her life.

A lot of people are catching up on this new trend of wearing the mangalsutra in a more stylish and trendy manner. Some people are even choosing to skip the traditional gold chains altogether and are simply opting for a black bead chain with a pendant of their choice. This is a more practical and stylish way of maintaining the significance of a traditional mangalsutra while giving it a modern touch that appeals to most people.

In some cases, a new bride may be allowed to select her own mangalsutra design rather than having her in-laws decide for her. This is a welcome change from the past when brides were not allowed to select their own mangalsutras and had to settle for whatever their in-laws chose for them. These days, more and more brides are picking their own mangalsutra design which is more practical to wear on a daily basis and also looks good with their dress codes at the workplace. This has helped the popularity of these simple and sophisticated mangalsutra designs.

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