Mad Max Mercedes ML With Fake Guns And Real Tracks Doesn’t Need Roads, It Needs Zombies

Mad Max Mercedes ML With Fake Guns And Real Tracks Doesn’t Need Roads, It Needs Zombies

The V8-powered SUV has been converted into a real head-turner, and it’s available for sale

December 9, 2023 at 07:28

 Mad Max Mercedes ML With Fake Guns And Real Tracks Doesn’t Need Roads, It Needs Zombies

If someone were to ask you to imagine the wildest modification of the Mercedes-Benz ML W163, you might initially think of the prop vehicle from the original Jurassic Park movie. However, this modified ML, equipped with tracks instead of wheels and adorned with fake artillery on its bodywork, surpasses even the original in terms of wildness. It appears to be designed to withstand a zombie apocalypse.

The vehicle is based on a 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML500 that has been converted into an off-road monster. The SUV rides on a set of Mattrack tank tracks, complemented by custom fender extensions that seamlessly integrate with the custom steel bumpers. The bodywork has been airbrushed to give the appearance of bolt-on metal panels, and there are eye-catching yellow and black accents on the front section.

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The machine gun mounted on the roof and the spinning minigun on the hood are non-functional but serve as intimidating deterrents for both living and non-living entities. Additionally, the door handle covers feature knife cutouts, providing a clever anti-theft feature. Inside, the interior boasts leather upholstery with abundant wood trim pieces, and the automatic shifter has been swapped out for a knuckle duster.

The ML, with 107,236 miles (172,580 km) on the odometer, still houses the original 5.0-liter V8 powertrain that generated 288 hp (215 kW / 292 PS) and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) of torque in its heyday. While there’s no indication of performance enhancements, the straight-through side exit exhaust is expected to produce a considerably more imposing sound than the stock setup. Power is delivered to all four wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission.

According to the listing on eBay (yes, you can actually purchase it), this one-of-a-kind creation could function as a real-life promotional tool for a military equipment store or a paintball business, leveraging its attention-grabbing appearance.

Interested parties that need a vehicle to escape zombies should know that the heavily modified Mercedes is located in the UK, specifically in the village of Inkberrow. The asking price of £27,500 ($34,559) probably makes it the most expensive first-gen ML that is available in the UK market although no other example comes with zombie-proof credentials and go-anywhere abilities.


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