Neena Gupta reacts to her ‘faltu feminism’ controversy

Neena Gupta reacts to her ‘faltu feminism’ controversy

Senior actress Neena Gupta, known for her bold statements and outspoken personality, recently courted controversy after she spoke about feminism, stating that there was no need to believe in the concept of equality between men and women. After her statement sparked a heated debate, Neena clarified her stance. She added that she would remain careful about her social media posts.

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, the veteran actress said that only a single line from the interview was taken out and a story was made out of it. “What they did is that they used only that particular chunk from the whole interview for promotions to create a controversy,” Neena Gupta said.

“If a person is cursing me for saying that, someone else is coming out in support. However, there is a need to be a reference to what I said,” she said.

Apart from issuing a clarification on her comment, Neena Gupta also said that she will henceforth exercise caution.

“I have made a couple of mistakes. Many of us do. But I will make sure that I don’t post anything on social media if I am angry or have a fight with someone.

“No one should post when they are drunk as they may regret it later. There is the need to be careful and use the right language because a lot of people are listening to what you say,” the actress said.

Neena Gupta’s ‘faltu feminism’ remarks

Neena Gupta, during an interaction with Ranveer Allahbadia, reportedly said, “It is not necessary to believe in ‘faltu feminism’ or the idea that women are equal to men. Instead, one should focus on achieving financial independence and give attention to the work.”

She added that one should not look down upon their role, adding they should boost self-esteem and avoid thinking of themselves as small.

Along with this, she also shared her own experience. However, this left social media users divided as many agreed with her, while some criticised the same.

Neena Gupta’s next projects

Neena was last seen in Mast Mein Rehne Ka alongside Jackie Shroff. She has a couple of other projects, including Anurag Basu’s Metro In Dino and Ashish R Shukla’s comedy thriller.

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