Punjab Kings issues clarification on biggest blunder in IPL auction history

Punjab Kings issues clarification on biggest blunder in IPL auction history

Punjab Kings have stepped forward to address the recent mix-up regarding the acquisition of Shashank Singh during the IPL 2024 mini-auction. The franchise found itself in a moment of confusion when they secured the services of Shashank at his base price for the upcoming season in Dubai.

During the auction, Mallika Sagar, the auctioneer, declared Shashank as Punjab Kings’ player, prompting a swift response from the team’s owners, Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta. The duo attempted to rectify the situation, expressing that they had mistakenly identified the player and wished to bid for someone else.

Mallika acknowledged the error and pointed out that two players named Shashank Singh were present in the auction.

“Shashank Singh is the topic, but your team won both players 236 and 237. I think the call for player 237, Shashank, is also final,” she said.

Despite the confusion, Punjab Kings have issued a statement clarifying their intent to sign Shashank Singh, emphasizing that he was always a target for the squad. The team explained that the mix-up arose due to the presence of two players with identical names on the auction list.

“Punjab Kings would like to clarify that Shashank Singh was always on our target list. The confusion was due to 2 players of the same name being on the list. We are delighted to have him on board and see him contribute to our success,” stated the franchise.

Satish Menon, CEO of Punjab Kings, expressed his excitement about having the right Shashank Singh on board, praising the cricketer’s performances and expressing readiness to unleash his talent in the upcoming season.

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