RCB’s 17.5 crore buy Cameron Green suffering from chronic kidney disease

RCB’s 17.5 crore buy Cameron Green suffering from chronic kidney disease

Australian all-rounder, Cameron Green recently revealed that he has been managing chronic kidney disease since birth. The revelation came as a surprise to many, given Green’s reserved nature. The complication sheds light on his struggles that have largely gone unnoticed within the cricket community.

Now 24, Green faced initial concerns about his life expectancy when he was born.

“At that time, it was unfamiliar territory, and the outlook wasn’t optimistic. Concerns about life expectancy suggested he might not live beyond twelve years,” Green’s father Gary said.

Chronic kidney disease, a condition affecting the kidney’s health function, was detected through ultrasounds when Green’s mother, Bee Tracey, had her 19-week pregnancy scan. Despite the challenges, Green has successfully managed the disease throughout his professional cricketing career.

Left out of Australia’s XI for the opening Test against Pakistan, Green spoke about his journey with Channel 7.

“Chronic kidney disease is a gradual decline in your kidney’s health function. Regrettably, mine doesn’t filter the blood as effectively as other kidneys. I feel fortunate that I don’t experience as much physical impact from the disease as others facing the same condition,” he said.

Green then elaborated on the stages of the disease, revealing he is currently at stage two. His kidney function is at about 60%. He emphasized the irreversibility of the condition and the importance of slowing its progression through proper care.

Reflecting on a significant episode during an ODI against New Zealand last year, Green admitted experiencing severe cramping. It was a symptom linked to his kidney function. Despite initially attributing it to inadequate hydration and nutrition, he eventually realized the underlying cause.

“I used to believe I wasn’t drinking, eating, or taking care of myself adequately during the game. However, with time, I realized that I was doing everything correctly, yet I still experienced cramping, unfortunately,” he added.

While maintaining a low profile about his condition, Green has gradually shared it with his teammates, acknowledging the support of the coaching staff. He emphasized the importance of openness, especially after experiencing cramping episodes that raised questions about his ability to handle the demands of an all-round workload.

In the face of his ongoing battle with chronic kidney disease, Cameron Green remains resilient, navigating his professional cricketing career with determination and perseverance.

He was recently traded to Royal Challengers Bangalore from Mumbai Indians for INR 17.5 crore.

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