Shaun Pollock shuts cheating theories behind Suryakumar Yadav’s sensational catch in T20 World Cup final

Shaun Pollock shuts cheating theories behind Suryakumar Yadav’s sensational catch in T20 World Cup final

Suryakumar Yadav took a pivotal catch at a crucial moment that sealed India‘s second T20 World Cup title, delivering glory for the Men in Blue on Saturday. With South Africa requiring 16 runs in the final over to win, captain Rohit Sharma entrusted his deputy Hardik Pandya to bowl the decisive final six deliveries.

Hardik’s first delivery was a low, full toss, which David Miller lofted straight down the ground as millions of fans held their breath. However, Suryakumar kept his composure. Displaying excellent presence of mind, he executed a brilliant catch. SKY had to juggle the ball as it went over the ropes, but he managed to secure it with his feet just millimeters from the boundary cushion.

Several viral social media videos showed the boundary cushion being pushed back. However, according to the ICC’s playing conditions, the cushion, not the white line, defines the boundary, as clarified in the tweet. Furthermore, Section 19.3 states that if a boundary marker is displaced for any reason, the boundary is still considered to be in its original position.

According to section 19.3.2, “If a boundary marker is disturbed for any reason, it must be promptly returned to its original position. If play is in progress, this must be done as soon as the ball is dead.”

South African legend Shaun Pollock debunked speculation concerning the catch and praised Suryakumar for his exceptional effort to hold onto it.

“Surya’s catch was brilliant, despite the cushion shifting during the play. That’s just part of the game – it had nothing to do with his skill. He didn’t even stand on the cushion, yet still made an impressive play,” he stated.

After India clinched the title, BCCI secretary Jay Shah presented Suryakumar with the ‘Best Fielder’ medal in the team’s dressing room. The innovative practice of awarding the ‘Best Fielder’ had been introduced by Team India’s fielding coach T Dilip during the 50-over World Cup last October, serving as an extra motivator for the players.

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