Watch: Hundreds of fans descend upon Mohammed Shami’s farmhouse, leads to increased security

Watch: Hundreds of fans descend upon Mohammed Shami’s farmhouse, leads to increased security

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami, born in Uttar Pradesh, has traversed a remarkable path from his modest origins. Having played national-level cricket for Bengal, Shami has solidified his position as a key player in the Indian cricket team.

Shami’s standout performance at the Cricket World Cup 2023 significantly contributed to India’s success in reaching the final. Despite missing initial matches, he emerged as the top wicket-taker with an impressive tally of 24 wickets in seven matches, establishing himself as a crucial asset in both ODIs and Tests.

In a recent interview on PUMA’s YouTube channel, Shami provided insights into his hobbies and early life.

“I enjoy traveling and fishing. I have a strong liking for driving, especially bikes and cars. However, since representing India in cricket, I’ve decided to avoid bike rides due to the risk of injuries. I occasionally ride bikes on highways, and sometimes in the village when visiting my mom,” he said.

Recounting his upbringing, Shami shared amusing anecdotes of driving various vehicles, including tractors, buses, and trucks.

“I come from the land itself. In the fields, I’ve driven tractors, buses, and trucks. I even drove a bus loaded onto a truck. One of my school friends had a truck at home, and he asked me to drive it. I was small at that time, driving on the ground. I once accidentally drove our tractor into a pond, and my father scolded me for it,” he added.

Now a celebrated figure in his hometown, Shami’s popularity was evident as hundreds of fans gathered at his farmhouse, eager to take a photo with the cricket sensation. In a video posted by Shami, heightened security measures were visible, highlighting the overwhelming support and admiration he receives from his enthusiastic fans.

From a humble background in Uttar Pradesh to becoming a cricket star for the Indian team, Mohammed Shami’s journey exemplifies his talent and determination.

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